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All the Photos from Miss Dee 4 Sickle Cell’s Barbecue in Abuja; Monalisa Chinda, Kiki Omeili, Kachi Nnochiri & More Show Support to “Help Stop the Pain” Campaign




The World Sickle Cell Awareness Day barbecue organised by Miss Dee 4 Sickle Cell foundation took place on Sunday, June 19th 2016 in the city of Abuja and it was a huge success.

Celebrities like Rita Dominic, Monalisa Chinda, Wole Ojo, Neville Ossai, Jennifer John, Okey Uzoeshi, Kachi Nnochiri, Nonso Odogwu, Keira Hewatch, Kiki Omeili, Uche Odoputa and more supported the world sickle cell “Help Stop the Pain” campaign.


Vendors like Crazy people cocktails, Godiyas kitchen, Drumsticks and more came out to show their support. There was also free genotype testing for all present by Accorn lab.

The winner of the sickle cell essay competition by Miss Dee foundation was announced. Kolade Olubolade, a Lagos-based Sickle Cell warrior was awarded a Cheque of 100,000 Naira courtesy of Miss Dee Foundation sponsored by T.O.P memorial trust fund.

See some photos from the event:

In support of ‘Help Stop the Pain’ Campaign…
Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0005 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0002 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0003 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0004Getting their Genotype Known

Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0021 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0009 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0012 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0014Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0029

As there is no Barbecue without Chicken…

Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0010 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0013 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0011

More Faces from the Barbecue..Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0030 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0038 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0016 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0027 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0033 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0037 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0035 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0031 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0023 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0036 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0034 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0008 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0018 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0032 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0024 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0019 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0028 Miss-Dee-4-Sickle-Cell-Abuja-June-2016-BellaNaija0017


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  1. @edDREAMZ

    June 22, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    God bless all of you people as you keep fighting the gud fight though no doubt…

  2. Ms jazz

    June 22, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    So where’s the Rita Dominic you mentioned first BN???

  3. Authentic Sunshine

    June 22, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    Dear BN, few comments on this post meaning my plea will be “almost private” meaning you can do something for a sister privately
    Since 19 gberegede BN , I have been asking you people nicely to hook me up to a ‘foine’ brother. Yes I’m still single. . Nope….don’t even go there- I’m very fine, sexy and well behaved. I don’t know why ohhh and Infact I’m no longer interested in the marriage sef. Scary these days. But just hook me up. Let them be texting, ringing, wining and dining me. Is that too much to ask. Hhhhm ??? For instance example. …see all the fine guys in this post. All of them. Yes all. Gimme their contacts. Uche Pedro hhhmmm nau

    • Sugarie

      June 23, 2016 at 1:53 am

      Aunty suliat, for real?, but if u got all this qualities men suppose dey chase u na. Kai ! This dollar increase smh , the price of mens don change for market o. Let’s keep praying for dollars o. So that your bone to bone ll locate rather than , Isi ewu men’s committee or text and ring me containers ltd. x

  4. Otunba Sesan Rufai

    June 22, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    Good job BellaNaija

  5. truth hurts

    June 22, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    I appreciate all those who have worked towards tackling and helping out with the fight to advance the sickle cell cause in Nigeria, especially the SCAF foundation, MissDeeefoundation and others.

  6. #KnowYourGenotype

    June 22, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Authentic, first thing first, #KnowYourGenotype first, Abii you don’t know what Sickle Cell Anemia is??? Its a Genetic Disorder in the blood stream. Be Educated, Be Well Informed!

  7. #KnowYourGenotype

    June 22, 2016 at 10:31 pm


    Miss Dee, Lovely Concept, I must confess, too much Food…Lool

    But, I have a Challenge, we have too many people discussing about SS Anemia on too many different platforms, Can we all for once harmonize all of our effort, to get a well Concrete Impact across Nigeria.

    I have nothing against your event though, I would have expected that this celebrity use there various social media platforms to drive engagement about the SS Anemia, Sensitization, encouragement, Motivation, we should even trend on twitter…. #June19 #StopThePain #SSAnemia #BreaktheCycle & all.

    But everyone wants to appear Philanthropic.
    I am a Survivor, so feel my pain….Tehehehehe.
    Together We Achieve More #TEAMWORK!!!

  8. Angel

    June 23, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    Keep it up!

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