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Skales, Mike Ezuruonye, Obafemi Martins, Dayo Amusa, Faithia Balogun at “Grill at the Pent” State of Mind Edition  



grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind21Over the weekend, the Grill Gang hosted yet another edition of Grill At The Pent (GATP) with the theme, State Of Mind.

The weekend soiree which took place at Cova, Mega Plaza, Victoria Island, kicked off with the newly introduced GATP Brunch Hour. The Brunch Hour which started at 3pm witnessed guests feast on soft and tendergrill chews with complimentary Ciroc cocktails to sip on, while listening to hip hop and house music provided by the DJ Danny Krane.

Soon after it was party all the way, as usual DJs Skura and Ruud alongside DJ Michael Andre took charge of the music affair for the evening dishing out pulsating tunes non-stop.

The evening also doubled as a birthday celebration for GATP guest DJ Michael Andre.

The camera lens of M4L Photography caught quite a number of celebs such as  Skales, Mike Ezuruonye, Obafemi Martins, Dayo Amusa, Faithia Balogun among others.

See photos below:

grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind2 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind3 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind4 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind5 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind6 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind7 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind8 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind9 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind10 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind11 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind12 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind13 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind14 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind15 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind16 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind17 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind18 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind19 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind20
grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind22 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind23 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind24 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind25 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind26 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind27 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind28 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind29 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind30 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind31 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind32 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind33 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind34 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind35 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind36 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind37 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind38 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind39 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind40 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind41 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind42 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind43 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind44 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind45 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind46 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind47 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind48 grill-at-the-pent-state-of-mind49

Photo Credit: M4L Photography


  1. John Doe

    December 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    Skales looking like Bizzle O now.. slow down on the mede mede bro

  2. bee

    December 2, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    tayo is that u? slow down girl..u looking 3 times ur age..take a que from ur sisters

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