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BellaNajia Style presents #BNStyleStar – The Top Style Stars of the Week

BellaNaija Style



BellaNaija Style is proud to introduce #BNStyleStar.

Similar to #AsoebiBella, #BNStyleStar is a weekly round up of stylish ladies and dapper gents on Instagram. BN Style has created this special #BNStyleStar platform to appreciate our chic BellaNaijarians, as we show you off to the world every Friday!

Want to be a #BNStyleStar? Use the hashtag #BNStyleStar on a picture you think contains your most stylish outfit, and you just might make the cut!

For starters, we have selected the top 16 stylistas who are bold and fearless with their fashion.

View the selected pictures below.

















Check back next week for more and who knows, you might just make the list!



  1. Sisi

    February 10, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Cool women!

    But why is Abi-kd even here? She’s not stylish, she just wears expensive clothes and accessories, nothing inspiring really. Lisa Folawiyo on the other hand is someone who knows how to adapt her expensive taste into individual style.
    Love hafymo too! She’s gorgeous!

    • JEEZ

      February 10, 2017 at 6:32 pm


  2. Anon

    February 10, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    @Hafymo – oh yes. Can you get cooler than this?
    @Delonyii – pretty girl Delphine.Okoronkwo.
    @thechameleonblogger – “Our” Eki Ogunbor! The hips don’t lie.
    @Abi_kd – you are “assailing” my eyes with one of your favourites. You gave her three slots on Aso Ebi Bella on Wednesday. Well done.


    February 10, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Nice one BN always reinventing yourself! #trendwatchers2017!

  4. Carmen

    February 10, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    I’m sorry,but all i can see are Eki’s hips! I have never understood why and how one person would carry hips that shoulda been equally distributed among 5 people. Ahn ahn!

  5. Nyc

    February 10, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    @Sisi you are more than a joker..Lisa folawiyo and the bunch of crap nonsense she puts on…lollll u really are a joke to compare her with the Abbi girl buhahababa lisa’s razmataz dressing smh shuuuuu

    • Duniya

      February 10, 2017 at 8:49 pm

      Hi Abisola.
      Sorry but i agree with sisi. Lisa is cool. You are not.

  6. ogeAdiro

    February 10, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Hafymo and Doopie

  7. Brizola

    February 10, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    I see lolarae in Belangelique. That brand is slowly creeping on me ❤️❤️. Abi Kd and Lisa are both not fashionable. Lisa and her cheerleaders amuse me.

  8. EC

    February 10, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Lisa ? Is wearing nightie on top tshirt and ladder shoes. This is confusing to say the least.

    The rest look really good

  9. Beyonce

    February 11, 2017 at 12:14 am

    what village is this Lisa from? …what kinda outfit is that. ..she needs to go model for Kim K’s husband. ..aka Yezus or wareva its called

  10. yes

    February 11, 2017 at 1:34 am

    Lisa’s outfit is actually stylish but it just does not suit her! Trust me if Rihanna wore this, yall will get it! but on Lisa? nahh!

  11. Charles

    February 11, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    @Hafymo who is she? Real fine babe
    @doopie pretty lady. I like ladies with short hair.
    The lady with hips, dangerous body. The problem is, after 1 baby the hips will be too out of shape.

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