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BN TV: Glory Edozien shares on How to make a Nigerian Man Happy in New Episode of ”Discovery with Glory”



Glory Edozien is out with a new episode of “Discover with Glory” in this episode, she’s talking about “How to make a Nigerian man happy”

She says:

“So before I proceed with the usual banter that accompanies my vlogs, I guess I should say two things. The first is, Happy Valentine’s Day! May love always be in your life! The second is a bit of a confession. Although this is a love/relationship style vlog, I actually recorded it months ago but for some reason never released. And given we are smack bang in the season of love, it seemed appropriate to do so now. To create this video, I called quite a number of male friends and I was surprised by how simple and quite frankly ‘basic’ they claimed their requirements for happiness were.

As you watch this video, remember that every relationship is different because the people who make up these relationships, differ in backgrounds, character and many other things, so it is important to first understand your partner. It also always helpful to actually have an upfront conversation- ask him or her- what makes you happy? How can we both make our relationship, marriage or friendship a happy one?”


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  1. nicez

    February 15, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Nice one Glory,

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