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#BBNaija: Day 73 – Housemates Feel Relaxed, A Game of Truth and Dare Goes Left & More Highlights!



Did you watch day 73 of the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you!


Coasting towards home

Biggie sees everything and he’s picked up on how well everyone is getting on. It was only right, therefore, that he find out why there was so much love going around.

Everyone was in agreement that the mood in the House was relaxed. “There’s no tension,” said Bisola. “It’s like everyone’s said let’s just breathe and whatever happens on Sunday, we’re going home!”Debie-Rise hypothesised that the pressure from Tasks had brought out the ugly side in everyone and now people were more relaxed and respectful. TBoss was beaming throughout her session, echoing the same sentiment and saying she was “so happy” she hadn’t called it quits when things were tougher. “I’m so proud of myself!”. She also thanked Biggie for the pizza and red wine which everyone agreed were delicious!

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She wasn’t the only one reminiscing and looking back either. Marvis looked emotional as she reflected on how Big Brother had saved her from an office job that was enviable but very far removed from her passion of becoming an actress. She said she was going to do her best after leaving the show so she wouldn’t go back to that life as she was staring to lose herself.

Efe seemed to be having a much better day today too and was in great spirits. He said he’d loved the day’s Tasks and took a moment to commend everyone who’d choreographed everything over the course of the Season. “E dey burst my kidney” he said as he mulled on everything they’d accomplished from Day one.

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Next, Biggie wanted to pick their brains and learn which super power they’d love to have. Efe and Bisola both picked the ability to fly. Efe said superman was the baddest super hero and flying was one of the most exciting fantasies ever. Bisola smiled as she imagined flying to her appointments in order to “beat Lagos traffic.” TBoss and Marvis picked teleportation.

TBoss said she loved travelling and like the character in the movie “Jumper” she wanted to just think of a place and manifest in it so she could see every inch of this vast and “amazing” world. Marvis took a more philosophical approach saying she didn’t like being restricted by time and space when it came to experiencing the things she enjoyed.

Truth or Dare turns into Tears

The Housemates got sent outside to the yard tonight to play Truth or Dare till lights out. This time around, there was no alcohol involved and instead, they’d have to drink a whole bottle of water if they couldn’t go through with what they’d been asked to do. They grabbed their pizza and drinks before sitting on the bench next to a giant cube with either Truth or Dare sprawled along each side.

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The dares ranged from splits to cartwheels and the Housemates also made some interesting revelations. Efe said he’d hooked up with two sisters once while Bisola said she’d be keen to have a threesome provided it was with a guy she liked and a “babe” she didn’t know. Things took a bad turn however when Debie-Rise dared TBoss to recite the first and second verses of the Nigerian National Anthem. TBoss struggled for a moment before calling Debie-Rise a “wicked person” for asking her to sing something she’d learnt in another language and hadn’t sung in years.

Debie-Rise looked incredulous and asked TBoss to just drink the bottle of water if she couldn’t sing the anthem. At that point, TBoss looked over and snapped that she was “putting her on the spot!” Thankfully, everyone joined in and sang both verses along with her which diffused the bomb but not for long.

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After heading indoors, TBoss broke down in tears, frustrated with what she believed was Debie-Rise undermining her in a critical week. Bisola had to intervene and ask her to be mindful of what she was going to say before insisting that Debie-Rise would never do anything to deliberately hurt her. Debie-Rise came to her own defence saying she too was hurt that TBoss would even suggest that she’d do something so vile and she felt she was being painted in a very negative light. TBoss retorted by saying she was extremely upset and that Debie-Rise didn’t have a right to tell her how to feel. She said it was also not her responsibility to “make her feel good” while she was hurting.

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Bisola gave up trying to mediate and begged the ladies to let the issue go until things had cooled off before adding that she was a firm believer in leaving people alone so they can work through their anger. “Babe, I’m sorry, I won’t bring it up again,” Debie-Rise said in conclusion though she still made it clear that TBoss had hurt her too.

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