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Osayi Emokpae Lasisi: 5 Reasons You Need Blog as an Entrepreneur



When I wrote my first book, many people thought it was a miracle. They couldn’t imagine how I had the time to write the book, especially since I was a practicing attorney at the time. They would always ask me how I even decided to write about that topic, and how I knew that people would read it.

Well, all of that came about because of blogging; and not only was I able to launch my first book internationally through blogging, but I was also able to launch an online business and slowly build it off and on over the years.

So why do I think that blogging is important for your business?

First of all I want to bust a few myths.

Myth 1: You need to write a blogpost every single day
Depending on your audience, you may not need to blog everyday, but you need to be consistent whenever you decide to blog.

Myth 2: You can’t make money blogging anymore
While things have changed, truth is that you can still make lots of money blogging, and many people are doing so.

Myth 3: Nobody reads blogs anymore
Well, the fact you’re reading this on this site is proof that people are still reading blogs; and as a matter of fact, blogs are one of the top ways that people get their information today.

So let’s get into 5 reasons why you need to be blogging as an entrepreneur

Blogging shows your potential client what you’re capable of
It’s like the person that wants to help me build my Twitter list, but they don’t have any Twitter following. If you want people to believe that you know what you’re talking about, then a blog is a good way to share a few examples.

You can test what people really want to know
With your blog you can ask questions, see what people are resonating with, and what people don’t care about, so that you can create products around that.

Connect with people who care about what you care about
As an entrepreneur I’m sure you know by now that your business is not for everyone. Not everyone will like you, not everyone will care about you, but some people will, and your blog is a good way to attract people who care about what you care about and connect with them.

Your blog is you home and you can do whatever you want to do there
Social media is amazing, but it belongs to someone else, you have to run by their rules, but on your own blog you get to make your own rules and make decisions that are best for you and your business.

Of course you can make money from your blog
Because you’ve attracted the right people, and you’ve tested and you know what kind of content people are looking for, you can easily make money for your business with your blog.

What are your thoughts? Do you currently blog? What are your challenges with blogging?

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