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Airline Gifts Baby Delivered Mid-Flight Free Travel for Life



Airline Gifts Baby Delivered Mid-Flight Free Travel for Life

Jet Airways

An Indian woman in her 20s travelling from Damman in Saudi Arabia to Kochi, India delivered a baby boy mid-flight with the help of the paramedic on board as well as the airline staff.

According to Indiatoday, the flight, which had 162 passengers on board had to be diverted to Mumbai and halted for 2 hours as the woman and her newborn baby were rushed to a nearby hospital.

The airline, Jet Airways said it was the first time they would have a baby born on any of its flights, and therefore granted the baby free travel for the rest of his life.

The hospital confirmed that mother and child were doing well, and the woman’s pregnancy is assumed to have been around 32 weeks when she delivered.

Phote Credit: Jet Airways

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