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“Singing about it doesn’t mean you approve it” – Toni Payne Weighs in on Falz’ Statement



Toni Payne

Following comedian, actor and rapper Falz’ condemnation of the use of music to celebrate cyber crime, there have been a series of reactions.

Reacting also is a poet and filmmaker Toni Payne, who is also the ex-wife of Singer 9ice.

Social media commenters had linked Falz’ statement to one of 9ice’s latest songs “Living Things”.

In the series of tweets, she said everyone is responsible for their actions and music shouldn’t influence you to do what you do not want or should not do.

Photo Credit: Instagram – Toni Payne


  1. Omo-Iya

    June 24, 2017 at 12:53 am

    Bunch of noise. Excusing corrupt lyrics because you have a discerning mind is a gross oversimplification of this matter. I don’t have the answers so I’ll reserve judgement.

  2. Carolina

    June 24, 2017 at 2:00 am

    Don’t be an ignoramus Ms Payne…we’re not Americans and we’re not talking about selling candy here…you don’t have to chime in if you don’t have anything reasonable to say. Good id good bad is bad in any language or location.

  3. Lol

    June 24, 2017 at 2:00 am

    TOni needs to leave 9ice alone. WIth her unsolicited support of him. The guy barely acknowledges her efforts sef . TOni respect yourself and shut up. Stop pinning and looking for this man’s attention. He disgraced you and your marriage and has no regard or respect for you. HE has a partner now who doesn’t even make the noise you make. Stop disappointing and hurting yourself. Move on and stop being in his business. 9ice is obviously a very dull guy intellectually. Though the can spin proverbs but he has shown multiple times that thinking deep or being wise is not his specialty. So leave him alone! By force association. Get your own life, your own man and your own family.

    • Temi

      June 24, 2017 at 8:40 pm

      Hahaha. 9ice is on his 3rd woman since he left you. Toni it’s time to move on.

  4. Yvonne

    June 24, 2017 at 3:17 am

    Please it depends on how you sing about it and Mr Nice was actually celebrating this corrupt practices in his song.
    It’s so easy to say it’s just a song but if we are all honest with ourselves we will agree that we are influenced a lot by the music we listen to and the words we hear repeatedly.

  5. mr.smith

    June 24, 2017 at 4:12 am

    I totally agree with her, “living things” is one of my favorite jam atm, I listen to the song a lot, it doesn’t make me wanna “chache.” it’s just for listening pleasure

    • Diamond

      June 24, 2017 at 5:14 am

      Shat app! Just because you listened for pleasure, doesn’t mean another will.

  6. Lagos boy

    June 24, 2017 at 4:38 am

    She articulates her thoughts very well… And I like that!

  7. Letty

    June 24, 2017 at 4:58 am

    Is she trying to get back with 9ice and be in his good graces??

  8. Ajala & Foodie

    June 24, 2017 at 5:37 am

    “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. I don’t know 9ice and I am yet to hear this song that is causing so much controversy but the circumstances she gave and 9ice’s are different, I.e she being a fan/non-fan jamming to a song is totally different from one actually writing a song or putting out a song. The truth is many of us are guilty of paying lil or no attention to the lyrics of a song. Most times, we respond to the beat or rhythm more than we do melody and even less so the lyrics, which is why many Nigerian artistes sell in a religious country such as ours. Nevertheless, the idea of people falling for rhythm and paying lil or no attention to lyrics is a universal pitfall. However, as an artiste like Tupac, Future and in this case, 9ice, one would at best have to know the lyrics in and out and at worst have written said lyrics.

    Going by her own argument, the question she should have asked herself before making this argument, (that based on my perspective puts 9ice in a bad light) is that did Future, Tupac and others believe in their “naughty” lyrics? The answer is a resounding yes!!! I personally know someone who Future propositioned in Miami while he was supposedly with Ciara. These artistes have made it beyond clear that their lives are the basis of most/ all their lyrics. Now, let’s just put this controversial lyrics into this Ms., flawed argument and see how 9ice is looking anything but nice. I am afraid her argument portrays 9ice as one who at the least believes in “Yahoo Yahoo”.

  9. tola

    June 24, 2017 at 5:37 am

    So true, many of us danced to yahoze and maga don pay, does that mean we are into fraud, and nice praising fraudsters in his songs does not mean he is into fraud, some Fuji musicians like Pasuma,wasiu and even Yinka ayefele do praise fraudsters and drug dealers in their song, that does not mean they are into fraud or they are into drugs, it is called hustling.

    • Siju

      June 24, 2017 at 6:03 am

      I like how you chose these 2 songs to buttress your point but unfortunately at the time when these songs were up and running, our knowledge of internet fraud was minimal just as our mind’s exposure too.
      On the other hand, go and ask anybody or do more research into some musician’s inner circles, the singer-owner of the 2 songs you mentioned is actually a well- known yahoo boy who is now relocated to the states.
      We have to receipts!

    • Ajiun

      June 24, 2017 at 7:23 am

      Sorry guys. Siju and Tola. When Maga Don Pay came out, I remember writing a lengthy rant to a prominent media lady who could only sigh about my complaints. I wrote to her because she had access to interview all these artists.

      And at that time, Nigeria has already become prominent abroad for fraud. And it was affecting our image. Affecting international students and Nigerians in diaspora. I was a huge fan of Maintain (the group, before Olu Maintain went solo). I was quite ashamed to be a Nigerian then because the first thing everyone who asked me and I tell them I am Nigerian talked about was fraud. This was far back 2006/7.

      The songs are anthems for fraudsters. They play it in their ill-gotten cars & houses to celebrate their loots. So please what is this nonsense 9ice’s ex wife is saying.

      All these things rubs off us subconsciously. We have to guard our minds.

      This is the exact same way that Kiss Daniel made an anthem for adultery. Yeah, I know there are many songs for fornication. But to go as far as making one purposely for cheating married men also! Even Montell Jordan’s Let’s Get It On is about boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend. Yet Kiss Daniel went all the way for one of the major marital issues. Indirectly encouraging and promoting spreading of STDs, dysfunctional homes and whatnot.

      His song, Good Time , his lyrics goes:

      “girl, you bad like that, you make any bad man wan run mad with your back like that, you dope like crack o, I will surrender my own life you know what I mean. O bad, o kolobi o ey, iyawo mi gaan be nile o ey, I have had such a long day, iyawo mi gaan n be nile o ey, just want to have a good time”.


      “girl, are you bad like that, you make any bad man want to run mad with your back like that, you are dope like crack oh, I will surrender my own life if you know what I mean. Oh bad, oh kolobi oh ey, I have a wife at home oh ey, I have had such a long day, my wife is at home oh ey, I just want to have a good time”.

      It is a well known fact that a lot of Nigerian men cheat, same as it is a known fact that fraud is prominent amidst a lot of Nigerians. Not even just Yahoozee, even petty fraud in the office and etc. Even in SMEs business, you will see traders or service providers trying to outsmart/defraud their own family and friends.

      So ladies, now that I have drawn your attention to Kiss Daniel’s lyrics, how many of you will be happy if your man is jamming and singing along to this in his car while you are with him or while he is with his homies and they are having a laugh about it.

      And fellas, how many of you will be happy if your lady is excitingly singing TLC’s creep when you claim to believe Durex stats that a lot of Nigerian women cheat. And also when a lot of husbands are now worried about caring for and raising children that are fobbed off as theirs by their wife.

      Basically that’s an anthem that lauds and urges on the message in the song.

      I thought we are over the Yahoozee and Maga Don Pay type of music; which I never dance to at any event nor download. Now, 9ice has also come out with his own Living Things as a new anthem for his sponsors.


      It doesn’t matter how lovely the rhythm and melody is, the message is bad bad bad. Stop defending nonsense.

      Even if we can mostly ignore the explicit sexual lyrics in a lot of songs globally; while some of us protect our minds from them. And you can argue that America sells sex and drugs and etc. But is America known globally as a “drug barons” central. No. They gave that title to Cuba and co.

      All you people defending nonsense here should stop being selfish. This kinda of message and image is affecting hard working Nigerians who do business with foreigners and the ones who work abroad.

      And the excuses that were spreading on SM that there are no jobs hence you can/should tarnish your country’s image is very weak. When elections come now, it is the same people who complained about no jobs that will collect garri, 100naira and etc to vote for an incompetent aspirant.

      Have you tried voting for competent and well meaning aspirants all round yet, to see if development will come? From top to bottom of the govt? Same pattern keeps repeating itself and same result keeping resurfacing. Yet the educated illiterates are saying it is OK to do crime because there are no jobs.

      Stop glorifying crimes that dent our image. We are bad at PR, unlike the western world as it is. So it is high time we start to think of how we affect others amidst us. Those hard workers who are fighting to stay afloat don’t have two heads. We have to keep questioning and peacefully lobbying our govt. Or we go out en masse and vote them all out. Come what may!

      Hopefully, BN, you will post my comment (epistle) today and not next year. ?

    • Ajala & Foodie

      June 24, 2017 at 11:17 am

      @ tola, my question is how many people jammed to these 2 songs and actually paid attention to the lyrics??. I personally remember Yahoozee and the only words I know was the refrain even now. Even many that sing the entire lyrics rarely do any of them pay close attention to the meaning of the words. I sang Marvin Gay’s “Let’s get in on” and Boyz II Men “I Make Love to You” as a kid but not until I was far grown did I really figure out what the heck I was singing, I was guilty of responding to rhythm and melody. If you however think that Marvin and the Boyz were not fully aware of what they were singing then you live in self deceit, not only that, they believed what they were singing. . Again it is one thing as a fan to “jam” to rhythm and another to be the singer or song writer. Totally different!!! So assuming you are right about Pasuma and co praising fraudsters, what do you think they are doing? It is for the same reason that Western artiste’s get so much black lash for going to sing in North Korea, because if you think praising or performing for fraudsters does not indicate at the minimum applauding and approving such behavior then it explains why we have a generation of get quick youths and why many Countries continue to look upon us with disdain.

    • Ajiun

      June 24, 2017 at 1:38 pm

      I meant when Yahoozee* came out and was so popular. I don’t care about nor remember when maga Don pay came out. ?

      when nobody cared to listen to my concerns about those type of songs back I just ignore more song of its likes that came out and they faded faster than when you give them attention.

      Where is Olu Maintain and Kelly Handsome now? Exactly. Quality with good business strategy and direction stays while quantity disappears as more surface.

  10. Sevenade

    June 24, 2017 at 6:25 am

    Is this lady a mother? I wonder what kind of children she’s going to raise.

    If not for the fact that Nigerians don’t like good music, a talent-less, croaky-voiced artist like 9ice would’ve quit music a long time ago. I listened to the song once, but because I don’t understand yoruba, I didn’t know the song is a glorification of internet fraud. Very trashy song!

    • Re:Sevanade

      June 24, 2017 at 10:54 am

      @Sevanade. I do not in anyway the lyrics of the living things song and it’s been over a month I tweeted at 9ice to express my disgust about the lyrics-long6 before the issue got publicized. However, calling 9ice talent-less is the BIGGEST lie ever! Maybe you don’t understand Yoruba and that’s why you are missing out but I am not even joking, 9ice is the MOST TALENTED in Nigeria new school music-strictly musical terms (without factoring in packaging, video and all that. Even many of the artistes know this. Osage Alonge who like you is also not a Yoruba speaker knows and affirmed it.

    • StephenRonwells

      June 24, 2017 at 11:33 am

      Big up hushpuppie. Big up 9ice

  11. Stephen Ron Wells

    June 24, 2017 at 6:46 am

    Big up toni payne we love you
    Beautiful woman.

  12. FindOut

    June 24, 2017 at 6:48 am

    Nigerians sha…Our wahala too much. But if they play the song now, most you guys will dance to it but that doesn’t mean that you support fraudulent people. 9ice made that song Bcos he knows there is a market for it. Fuji and juju praises fraudulent guys on a daily basis. It’s not because they support what they do but because they families to feed. We all rocked to yahooze, so what’s wrong with living things? Don’t get me wrong o, I am not saying it’s right but just remember that artist has got bills to pay.

    • FindOut

      June 24, 2017 at 6:51 am


    • Ajiun

      June 24, 2017 at 3:08 pm

      I am a fan of classy Fuji music. I listen to Sikiru Ayinde and Wasiu mostly. BTW you are wrong to put Juju in it. Juju praise singing is for elites and politicians. It is Fuji that has no boundaries. Praises drug barons to fraudsters. But it only praises the people with their oriki (lineage/personality/hometown) or what they have supposedly achieved, which in most cases are all lies. They sing based on whatever information the person they praise provides.

      You will never hear it in a Fuji music, unless you are listening to razz Fuji, whereby the artists mention what these guys do or hear the artist praising and encouraging their activities. If you are not told, you won’t be aware that those guys they praise are all fraud.

      For instance, I have a very big library of Sikiru Ayinde’s records and I am yet to listen to a song he ever praised these guys and mentioned their illegal activities. He only praised them based on their hometown, family lineage and the legit businesses they have. Which is mostly car dealerships or hotels back then.

      I only know of one song that I think Wasiu mentioned wire; idan. They call it idan in Yoruba. But idan also means magic which an average listener won’t be able to interpret to fraud. They will just assume it means the person is good at whatever he does. Because you can also translate idan to mean someone is extremely gifted at whatever they do. Whether it is positive or negative.

      And the most times I have heard Wasiu use the word idan was when he called the name of the man he sings about. The man is called Idan-Armani. That’s the guy’s nickname. Then he sang something about the idan should continue to be successful. Anyway, I haven’t heard Wasiu drop hints about these people’s illegal activities after the idan stuff in ages, he knows better that he has a diverse audience.

      He still praises all sort of people; legit and bad. But subtly and they go and another set come. So they are mostly irrelevant. These artists are all about who has the money to spend on them which isnt morally right if they are aware of the illegal source of the spenders’ income.

      But even for legit fans and money spenders of the artists, once their money is no more it is only goodwill that will make these artists praise them. The artists just move on to the next moneybag. Though it is morally bad, I understand business is business. You can’t be friends with everyone. As you stated he sing praises to feed his family. But there is a limit. So don’t say because so so does something that is morally wrong or bad, it is OK for so so so to also do it.

      From a Yoruba praise singing point of view, earning from praise singing isn’t a bad thing, it is a norm. Especially when most people listening won’t be able to tell that anything is wrong unless they are informed of the activities of those the artist sang and sings about. But the people 9ice praised are already well known for illegal activities. So that’s morally wrong.

      Back in the days when artists sing for criminals that their audience are not aware of, when it becomes known, it causes a backlash for them. How many artists do know that have a song that is popular and memorable for the likes of big robbers like Oyenusi, Aberenla and Anini. Were these artists still endeared to or terrible scorned by the populace at that time for such action? You are only saying all these because it isn’t your credit cards and that of your loved ones that was robbed.

      Even till date, in the developed world, artists and actors who later realise they have associated with criminals and have collected illegal money give all the monies to charity and publicly denounce their association with such criminals and their activities. So your defense here is weak and so his Ms Payne. It is funny that she lives in America and is here making excuses for her ex husband.

      Note; There is a different between morally wrong and morally bad. Bad means it isn’t good look, quite distasteful, wrong means it is utterly wrong.

      Furthermore, from your argument, same contrast can be made from the sexually explicit songs of today and that of many years ago. You will listen to the likes of King Sunny Ade tell his audience to shake their waist and bum without him being too explicit about it. That most kids, teens and etc can’t understand any innuendos. Only experienced or mature adults can understand when he is infusing any sexual banters in his songs.

      Today’s world is different. These artists are just using awful language and bad slangs that anyone can easily decipher or that they can easily come across its meaning, thanks to SM.

      I didn’t assume that Davido singing I go do you shukushuku means he is talking about sex until a SM meme started circulating as a joke about it. I actually thought he was singing I no go do you shukushuku, meaning I won’t mess with your heart. I had to stop listening to the song. Now he is saying banana fall on you. Rubbish.

      Let’s hope little boys don’t start literally throwing bananas at young girls in creche at these rate. Anyway it is up to every parent to guard their kids’ mind and ensure they are in environments that does same.

      BN oh, post my comments.

  13. Daisy

    June 24, 2017 at 6:50 am

    This aunty is not smart. What goes into a mind, comes out in life. How? By hearing. Continue listening to rubbish and keep wondering why things are the way they are for you,sho gbo.

  14. tola

    June 24, 2017 at 8:35 am

    @siju the songs we listened to should not influence us, I remembered listening to birthday sex while growing up, that does not mean I want to have sex.

    • Mrs O

      June 24, 2017 at 12:41 pm


  15. TeeS

    June 24, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Wire Wire
    Kin sha ti lo wo
    Money Order
    Kin sha ti lo wo
    Yeeeeee kin sha ti lo wo
    Ole lo b’omo je …….
    This is a jam sha!

  16. MurderSheWrote

    June 24, 2017 at 10:29 am

    I remember when Olamide (who is/was a fave btw) glorified rape on his “Story for the gods” song. Nice beats, amazing rhythm, nonetheless, wack ass lyrics and message. To the ignorant ones, the fact that these songs are party friendly and danceable does not make them okay. People have to be held responsible for their actions. They are releasing these songs to the public if not it would not leave the four walls of the studio. Thus every artiste has to get used to being held accountable for whatever reservations the public have raised about their music. If not get another career. Or sing at your family Ileya meetup. And to other ignorant people like Rihanna and Burna Boy that keep crying that they are not role models and we should allow them live their lives blah blah why don’t y’all go and become clerks. Your career automatically places you in the public sphere. It is inevitable. Get over yourselves. Not all role models have to be good. You can own the bad gal/bad boy personas. There are bad gals looking for role models. That’s by the way tho.

    • Ajiun

      June 24, 2017 at 2:02 pm

      If you don’t speak Yoruba then don’t make any strong accusation about a language you can’t speak. When I heard of this so called rape glorifying. I went to listen to the song instantly. There was absolutely no trace of your accusations in it.

      If you watch Yoruba movie you will be shocked at how explicit they make Yoruba sex banter sound. The translation will shock you and even make you laugh at the direct Yoruba to English attempt at explaining the nonsense. Those street language speakers just made the language very unromantic for wooing women. Which is completely a misinterpretation of the language, otherwise we won’t have the proclaimed Yoruba demons.

      Yoruba language is quite poetic. So it is a bit nuts that though they extend its lexicons but as always, typical Nigerian trait, they do it in a very silly manner for silly things like sex, crimes and etc.

      This is the same issue some people were having with Chiwetalu Agu and his use of Igbo language when making expensive and explicit sexual jokes.

      So sorry to burst your bubble. Your accusation is not strong on this one. You have to understand the language (not Lagos Yoruba), the proper Yoruba, including proverbs. Street language and proverbs are quite similar. The slang patterns all stem from the Yoruba ways of dishing out proverbs. So you either understand Ijinle Yoruba or you understand street language to get Olamide’s music.

      Olamide once sang Goons Mi where the lyrics goes as: Bajinatu kan fun awon goons mi.

      Do you know what bajinatu means. It is an ijinle Yoruba word for those olden days long wooden rifles. So basically he said “one gun shoot in the air for my goons”. Basically a gun salute for each of my goons.

      If a non Yoruba who understands a bit of Yoruba or a Yoruba who doesn’t understand proverbs and Ijinle Yoruba, basically one that speaks Lagos diluted Yoruba, tries to translate Bajinatu kan fun awon goons mi, the person will first have to find out what bajinatu means and once he/she knows it is a gun, he/she will then translate it directly to mean “one gunshot each for my goons”. Basically implying he wants to murder his friends.

      BN and comment hoarding. Do post my comments. Cheers.

    • MurdaSheWrote

      June 24, 2017 at 3:08 pm

      LOL. Ajuin, I am Yoruba, I speak, hear and write Yoruba. He glorified rape. I like Olamide’s art but he glorified rape. Clean your ears and listen to that song again. Without getting deep into the song, this is a bit of the hook: “She say she cannot wait o, She say its getting late o, She say she wants to faint oo, Haaaa Story for the gods.” What does common sense tell you is the meaning of that? He doesn’t care that she’s not giving him her consent. She should tell her story to the gods. Stop trying to be blind.

    • Krasavitsa

      June 24, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      I’ve learned something today. Always thought bajinatu (sounded like nannanatu to me tho) was some form of special agbero drink. Anyways I never liked that song – It brings back memories of my drunken inlaw driving like a lunatic and singing loudly while his wife and I cried our eyes out……

    • Ajiun

      June 24, 2017 at 4:33 pm

      @murdershewrote, ever heard of dirty Yoruba sex banters such as “ye ye o un ta mi, ma se mi le se”, which both male and female uses to urge themselves on. It isn’t pretty. Very cringe worthy. From what I know,it started from Fuji music. You will even hear the female moaning in the songs and urging the man on and challenging the man. Go and listen to average razz Fuji music. I had to clean my ears when I stumble upon such. It is something you will hear played in a compound in average Lagos ghetto, with children in the vicinity BTW.

      All that ashakasha stuff. All very distasteful. Yet very common on the streets. And even in country clubs, if you ever hear all these old men and their runz girls talking or the old men talking amongst themselves, you will repulsed. Especially when they think you don’t understand Yoruba. They don’t hold back and speak publicly in a very disgusting manner. But that’s their prerogative. So long as children are not around when they talk and nobody is harmed.

      Note that, this hardcore language is very common with these yuppy daddies and mummies. They believe they are omo orita, i.e. they are en vogue, in their language “current”. They are current. And referred to as omo ita. They say the dirtiest things ever. If you have never heard such, say so. But that’s how they talk. I can’t find some viral Yoruba movies subtitle memes right now that have such content nor think of titles of Yoruba movies which have such and you will see the ladies actively involved in these sexual acts willingly, challenging the man’s sexual prowess, bragging about hers and urging him on.

      They too will be telling the men they will break their back and manhood, make him faint, asking if he is sure, in a cheeky manner, he can handle them, if he can go 10 rounds and etc in a very hardcore explicit and aggressive manner.

      I had to stop watching Yoruba movies a lot because it happens these days in even children friendly storyline. Suddenly you will just see a very explicit sex scene or prelude to sex scenes with hardcore sexual banters. Even without these people touching or doing anything, just from the words alone you will shocked at how aggressive and explicit they are. Just because you speak Yoruba doesn’t mean you understand the language as it should be understood. Most Yoruba speakers don’t know their culture well. They have diluted everything and completely misinterpreted a lot of things. Story for another day.

      I am not saying it is OK to sing or speak in such manner. But it isn’t about rape, it is all kinky stuff to them and they have their audience for such lingo. I am very selective of what I listen to and watch. It is because of the accusation I even went to listen to that particular song. The only thing we can tell these artists is to be careful with their delivery because it can be misinterpreted just like you and some others are doing.

      You have just quoted me lyrics that you directly translated. Which proves my point and my example of bajinatu. I am sure someone out there will argue with me that he is telling people to shoot their homies.

      I am not even a huge fan of Olamide. I rarely listen to most of his music. They are too street for me. I only listen to few that I can tolerate.

      BN. On every comment now I have to beg you not to hoard the comment. This has to change biko.?

    • Ajiun

      June 24, 2017 at 5:24 pm

      P.S. don’t forget as well the song said “I cant wait to do shina today, shina today”. What does shina means in Yoruba, in this particular context it isn’t the name of a person, it is by accents (amin/marks) and sound you can differentiate identically spelt Yoruba words. The accents on top of this particular shina is different to the one of , for instance, the name Shina.

      So the shina he sang about means fornication. He stated it that he can’t wait to fornicate today. And emphasized “to fornicate today”. He didn’t say he going to rape, he said he can’t wait to fornicate and he elaborate that the lady he intends to sleep with says she can’t wait till they fornicate and went on to describe their rendezvous which to me is tacky. The o ti kan mi lapa, kan mi lehin…all equivalent to their moaning session and the story for the gods is basically saying, she is indirectly urging him on. It is same way Nigerian men believe women say A when we mean B in order to form good girl. That’s the nonsense he is stereotyping there. While as well telling us he is doing great at satisfying the lady hence all her o ti kan mi lapa o chants and etc. Quite apt with the aggressive sexual banters you hear in Yoruba movies that both partners participate in willingly.

      That’s all to buttress the fact that his so called rape lyrics are typical sexual braggadocio of an average street male and female. I don’t understand their ways, it sounds very wild and unromantic to me. But na their way be that.

      All these actors and artists have to be careful how they delivery their messages. I had to write epistles to explain their ways. They are lucky this isn’t abroad…the public outrage will have them going from radio station to TV stations to explain their intentions and message.

      In the westerner world, I believe they leave such aggressiveness for adult movie industry and, in recent times, 50 shades of grey.

      Anyway, everyone have a lovely day.

  17. Yahoo

    June 24, 2017 at 11:08 am


  18. Ajiun

    June 24, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Bn, don’t hoard my last comment. I am tired of telling you to stop doing that. Are not in the business of action and reaction again. so where is my comment. ?

  19. Anon.

    June 24, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Glorifying fraudsters is wrong and even bad for our nation this time around. Nevertheless it does not validate nor prompt you to practice fraud. People only
    enjoy the rhythm.
    Even jay-z that was recently inducted into the song writers hall of fame wrote and sang about guns and violence and was criticised many times in the past. Alot of crack-heads get high on lyrics n play ed it out real time.

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