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BN Skincare: Suya and these other Foods are Bad for Your Skin!



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Watching what you eat is not only good practice to maintain a healthy body, it also helps your skin. You are what you eat. Healthy skin will make you glow and it contributes to how you feel about yourself.

Just like there are foods that care for your skin naturally, there are also some foods that are not friendly to your skin. Let’s have a look at foods that are bad for your skin and healthy substitutes for those foods.

Acne loves dairy. The skin acts as an excretory system to get rid of things the body does not accept, so when you consume too much milk, cheese, ice cream or other dairy products the body tries to excrete the excess in form of blemishes in certain areas of your face. As a substitute take dairy-free products in the natural full-fat forms; Almond milk and Soy milk are great substitutes.

Excess sugar weakens the immune system and this may lead to the body not being effective enough to fight off bacteria and bacteria causes skin inflammatory conditions and acne. Instead of sugar, try natural sweeteners like honey.

BN Skincare Suya and these other Foods are Bad for Your Skin!

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Grilled Meat
We all love grilled meat (including Suya), but what is it really doing to our skins? According to

When meat is on the grill for too long, the high heat creates AGE’s, which stands for Advanced Glycation End products

Advanced Glycation End products actively increase aging of the skin.

Fish, on the other hand, is the best kind of meat to eat as it contains fatty acids and Omega 3 which helps the body prevent inflammations.

Pre Packaged and Processed Food
Highly processed junk food is made with a lot of preservatives like white bread, chips, French fries, soda, and candy and it makes your blood-sugar levels go through the roof. This causes your hormones to stimulate excessive oil production, clogging pores and aging the skin.

BN Skincare Suya and these other Foods are Bad for Your Skin!

Photo Credit: Dreams time

Here’s the thing, Caffeine dehydrates the skin. And dehydration has a number of negative effects on the skin’s elasticity and collagen including making your skin more prone to sagging and wrinkles.

A lot of people are addicted to caffeine; coffee and other caffeinated drinks like Coca cola. Instead of those unhealthy options, Green tea, Peppermint tea, and Chamomile are perfect organic replacements.

Fried Food
Foods with fat, fried in very hot oil will become oxidized. And oxidized fat is bad because they are thick and do not detoxify the body. This will eventually reduce oxygen in the skin, slowing the collagen and elastin syntheses necessary for youthful radiance.

As opposed to frying your food, you can sautee and then stir fry, air fry, steam or bake.

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