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Constituents threaten to Recall Senator Ben Murray-Bruce

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Constituents threaten to Recall Senator Ben Murray-Bruce  BellaNaija

Ben Murray-Bruce

Constituents of Bayelsa East Senatorial District of Bayelsa State have in a statement threatened their representative at the senate Senator Ben Murray-Bruce with a recall.

His constituents have said the senator keeps avoiding his duties to his constituency, and does not have a good relationship with his people, Punch reports.

The statement was signed by leaders of the student bodies of all three of the local government areas making up Bruce’s constituency, Nembe, Brass and Ogbia local government areas.

Samuel Tari signed for Nembe, Ambrose Joseph for Brass, and Mark John for Ogbia.

The groups have given him a 10-day ultimatum to meet with them, adding that most of them do not have access to good education. They said:

Since Murray-Bruce became a senator, he has failed to look into the basic needs and challenges currently bedeviling the Bayelsa East Senatorial District, such as issues of education, as most of our students cannot access good quality education.

He has failed to attract a single project to the district in terms of infrastructure, roads and others. He has continuously and deliberately ignored efforts by the people to create a working relationship that will bring out purposeful leadership for our people.

The constituents added, “We are, hereby, giving him an ultimatum of 10 days, starting from August 21, 2017. If he fails to meet with us, we shall take our protest to the National Assembly.

The Senator’s personal assistant William Bruce in a response to the statement said the allegations are false, and the senator is a “man of the people.”

He said the Senator tries his best for his constituents, and the ones complaining have never before come to him to ask for anything. He said:

We do for people as much as we can all the times.  They (those complaining) have not come to approach us for any help or anything. We try as much as possible to help everybody in whichever way we can.