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District Attorney drops Fraud Case against Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump after receiving $25,000 Campaign Contribution from Trump’s Lawyer

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District Attorney drops Fraud Case against Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump, then receives $50,000 Campaign Contribution from Trump's Lawyer - BellaNaija

Donald Trump, Jr., and Ivanka Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images)

The Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., back in 2012, dropped a prolonged fraud case against Ivanka Trump and brother Donald Trump Jr., after receiving a campaign donation of $25,000 from their father’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz.

Ivanka and Donald Jr. were under investigation in 2010 for misleading investors by inflating sales figures of Trump SoHo, a luxury development, according to ProPublica.

The case dragged on for 2 years, the two looking like they could be indicted for fraud charges.

Suddenly, the DA’s office dropped the charges against the Trumps.

Before the case was dropped, Vance returned the $25,000 to Kasowitz.

However, a few months later, Kasowitz donated $32,000, and another $18,000 raised from lawyers at his firm through a fundraising breakfast he hosted, to Vance’s campaign.

Kasowitz, on why he made the donation to Vance’s campaign, said:

I donated to Cy Vance’s campaign because I was and remain extremely impressed by him as a person of impeccable integrity, as a brilliant lawyer and as a public servant with creative ideas and tremendous ability

According to the LATimes, in a statement released by his spokesperson, Joan Vollero, Vance said:

Contributions have never influenced Cy Vance’s work and [they] never will.  Every contribution is vetted through a rigorous process, accepted when appropriate, and returned when flagged.

This was a two-year investigation that never produced sufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution.

Photo Credit: Pool/Getty Images

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