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Overcoming Challenges! Gas Explosion Survivor is Living her Best Life

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Just like most young girls out there, Desire Chinenye‘s dream is to become a top model and ace photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa is helping her actualize that dream.

After a life-changing accident, gas explosion survivor Desire has overcome all the obstacles life has thrown her way and we are truly inspired by her strength.

The brain behind BMBphotography shared Desire’s story on her Instagram page where she wrote:

I saw @stainlessdesire story on my friend’s phone while she was scrolling and reading blogs and gossips.

I don’t like blogs and I don’t know how Desire’s story caught my attention.
While I was reading her story at the end of it, she said her dream was to be a top model.
I thought that was deep! She must have told God about her dreams to be a top model and this accident happened to her. How depressing and hopeless can this be …. but she stood strong and overcame the fears of tomorrow
How did I get through to her?
I went through google and many blogs to get her contact for days and fortunately I got her sisters contact.
I saw great potentials in @stainlessdesirewhile photographing her

This is Desire’s story: Desire’ they say is the key to motivation. Before the whole fire, I used to have this big dreams I want to make real. I had plans and ways to accomplish them all laid out, but then the life-changing experience happened. It was so unexpected. I passed through every stage of trauma, fear, pain, depression, at some point it felt like it was the end of me, like my future was burned too, like my dreams were in ashes, life became sour. But then, despite all the bitter taste of life, despite the challenges, the discouragement, and the fears, there was one person I didn’t want to disappoint and that person is Me!. I love myself too much to disappoint me?, I promised myself to make real my big dreams and I sure wasn’t willing to let fire or scars break this promise cos, in the end, I am responsible for how I turn out no excuses!

Overcoming my challenge is one thing I started working on almost immediately because I know its a step to making my life meaningful. I get lots of critics when I try to be myself, forget my scars, and go out without scarfs, but with time I developed a tough skin and all I started seeing was my unique skin?, my pretty face, and my wonderful body; they say that ‘Positive anything is better than Negative nothing’ all I saw was the many pluses in me?, my scars became my best attire. Finally, If nothing else will; my determination will bring about my desired result.

Makeup by @faaribysisiope

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