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DIY 101 – How To Paint Your Home By Yourself




DIY DIY DIY!!! That’s all you hear in this decade. It doesn’t hurt to join the game. Moving into a new apartment? Or your current wall situation needs an uplift? Broke or not, you should try this out! If you can’t do this yourself, then hire a professional.

So get started! These tips will help you paint your home yourself.

  1. Research And Plan

This may sound so cliche as the first step, but it is as important as the result. Conducting a little research will give you a guideline of the do’s and don’ts. Research for colours, designs, best techniques, best paint brands etc. Also, check DIY Paint jobs by other people.

  1. Prepare Your Materials


Cross your ‘T’s’ and dot your ‘I’s’.


In preparation for your next awesome DIY, get your quality paint, brushes, roller, paint stick, masking tape, measuring tape, drop sheets, crack filter, screwdriver, sugar soap, sandpaper, putty knife, extension pole, latex gloves and extra buckets.

Except it is an empty space, move your valuables. Remove all pictures, curtains, switch covers, nails hooks etc to avoid obstructions. Cover anything too large to move with a drop sheet. You don’t want mismatched patches of paint on your belongings.

Fix cracks, holes, and dents. Scrape off old paint. use a filler to cover all wall flaws, and a primer to smoothen the surface. Mask areas you don’t want to paint on eg. your windows, door frames, switches etc with a masking tape.

When your surface is ready, it’s painting time!

  1. Roll, Roll, Roll Your Brush!


Start painting with a paint brush from the edges, around the door and windows. Ensure you paint in small sections. As you would paddle your boat, roll your roller downwards. This helps you correct the drips and runs as you go. Apply the paint in an overlapping ‘W’ pattern. Ensure you do not overload the brush or roller with paint.

Use your paint brush for areas your roller can’t reach. Use two to three coats to get your desired result. High-quality brands like Plascon paints usually require only two coats. This is dependent on your surface and colour selection.

Be careful, any sudden or aggressive move can affect the whole process.

  1. Clean up


Remove the masking tape from the areas they were placed before the paint dries up. Rinse your roller and brush till the water runs clear. Ensure you close the lids of the paint buckets properly.

You see, the most important thing you need for DIY is YOU! So get to work!

Ever tried painting your room yourself? If yes, tell us your good and weird painting stories in the comment section below. If no, paint your room soonest and tell us how it went!

This article was made possible by Kansai Plascon, Africa’s No. 1 Paint Company.

For a free colour consultation and all your painting needs, visit Kansai Plascon Nigeria at No 8a, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos or any of our other outlets. You can also call 01 440 8036.


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  1. Phish

    October 16, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Do it yourself not do it by yourself

  2. Xo

    October 16, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Just Why?

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