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#WomenNotSlaves: This Sad Thread Reminds us why Everyone’s Dreams – in Relationships – are Valid

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Sad stories like the one below are becoming more popular by the day as the world is getting more connected. It shows that these are issues that have been going on but just finding expression as the world becomes more close.

If not for anything, this thread tells us that everyone, as in, every human being’s dreams are valid and should be seen as important.

This is more important in relationships and marriages. We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that for decades and centuries, women have been advised, sometimes forced, to sacrifice their dreams for their partners’ so as to “hold their homes together”.

Thankfully, this story is changing and this thread by Twitter user @KelvinOdanz should serve as a reminder that inasmuch as sacrifice is a very important value in relationships, it can be disastrous when only one person is the one making all the sacrifices.

Relationships should be about sacrifices from both parties, compromise, and belief & support in each others’ dreams.


See below:

This thread also reminds us that pressure (from family, friends and society) to get married is one narrative, although changing, that needs to be alleviated. It is something everyone needs to learn how to handle as well as contribute to destroying.

Getting married should be a personal decision, one that each individual should be allowed to be allowed to be as meticulous as they want when making.

What do you guys think?

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