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Yay! The Winner and New #MyBodyGoalsJourney Ambassador is…



A few weeks ago we announced that BellaNaija, My Green Apron & FitNigeria had come together to give one lucky Lagosian the great opportunity to kickstart his/her fitness journey.

And now we have a winner! Congratulations Benita (@benycurvy).

The decision-making process was not easy at all as we got so many applications from serious, eager, beautiful applicants.

After filtering out applicants by proximity to the gym, level of need, current weight, personal story and the effect being overweight has had on the applicant, we invited 5 finalists to our gym (1 finalist was interviewed via video call as she had traveled for the long weekend) and picked Benita as our newest client and #MyBodyGoalsJourney ambassador.

We’re ready to get her started immediately and cannot wait to guide her through this hopefully life-changing journey.

But she will need your support and encouragement. We’ll document the process with Photos, Videos and Diary Entries, so show her love, follow her journey and wish her luck!

We’re rooting for you, Benita!

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