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“I have an active plan to put together a restaurant within a year & a year & half” – Banky W

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Banky W

Superstar singer Banky W has announced that he is putting together a plan to open a restaurant.

The singer cum actor made this known in an interview with Tosyn Bucknor on Inspiration 92.3.

Banky W, who is often labelled a chef because of his cooking skills, was asked if there’ll be a Wellington restaurant. He answered: “It won’t be a Wellington restaurant…. but I have an active plan to put together a restaurant within a year and a year and half.”

He announced that he intends to start with an online service and push it further from there.

Speaking on his foray into the movie industry, Banky announced that he’s writing a script and is almost done. He said this in response to Tosyn Bucknor’s question on the kind of role he finds extremely challenging.

Banky W said that he’s looking for challenging roles in acting and is hoping that people see him beyond his character Dozie in The Wedding Party.

On whether him and his wife Adesua Etomi will star in more movies together, Banky W said: “Yes we will, but we don’t want it to be a clutch. Sometimes we’ll star together, I may direct and she acts, or we’ll be in the same movie but not love interests,” Banky W said.

On why they had a big wedding even after he said he’s not a fan of big weddings, Banky W referenced his Instagram post where he addressed the issue saying: “First of all, you learn very quickly that you are not just marrying a person but a family. So what the person’s family and your family want also matters in a relationship. Your happiness is also tied to the happiness of your loved ones.”

He also addressed why they had a documentary about their wedding on Africa Magic, saying that they wanted to tell their wedding story and control the narrative about what is in the media.

Speaking on his recent health issue and why he decided to share his story, Banky W said “I’m one of the people who believe that when something doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. I felt it was important to share what I went through to show people that you can go through this thing and overcome.”

The singer added that he’s gone through a lot in his life and he thinks “it’d be nice to have a book that documents my life, saying: this guy you see has had some pretty rough times.”

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