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Wondering how Valuable the World Cup Trophy is? Check Out these Facts



It’s no more a gossip that the FIFA World Cup Trophy will be coming to Nigeria and thousands of Nigerians are going to have close contact with the iconic Trophy. Coca-Cola, the giant non-alcoholic beverage brand is the behind this great feat. So, how valuable do you think the World Cup Trophy is? Here are some facts to guide your thinking.  

How huge is the fame of the FIFA World Cup Trophy? The one-of-a kind Trophy is known by individuals from all over the world. There’s hardly a country you go to in the world where its citizens would not know the World Cup.

Who does the FIFA World Cup Trophy hang out with? According to FIFA directives, only winners of the FIFA World Cup Tournament and Heads of States are allowed to touch the trophy. That’s a “big-boys” clique the Trophy has got.

How does the FIFA World Cup Trophy Travel the World? The Fourth FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour currently going on and scheduled to arrive in Nigeria in March has revealed the Coca-Cola “Ready For” branded aircraft that the World Cup Trophy travels in style on.

How much investment is associated World Cup Tournament? Amounts in hundred millions of US Dollars are invested as budget for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Tournament where top FIFA World ranking men’s national soccer teams gather to compete for the FIFA World Cup Trophy as the prize.

Association with the biggest sport in the World: The enormous popularity of football or soccer is pretty common knowledge. With the World Cup uniting hundreds of countries to compete against each other, the sport continues to grow in popularity and the FIFA World Cup Trophy is in the center of it all.

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