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Nimi Akinkugbe partners with AXA Mansard SHE Initiative for a Personal Finance Workshop for Ladies | Saturday, March 24th



Nimi Akinkugbe AXA Mansard

African women have been referred to as the continents “greatest untapped resource” and their contribution is key to achieving her full potential. When you empower a woman with information and education, you empower families and generations to change the world. Women bring something critical to the economy, civil society and politics.

Traditional gender roles have presented household income from a perspective where women were expected to stay at home and look after children. The economic reality today shows that most families must rely on more than one income to achieve even the most basic family goals of educating children, modest living, and planning for one’s retirement.

For many years, Nigerian women have made huge strides in business, corporate world and government. They continue to strengthen their earning power and influence. Power and position come with responsibility, yet sadly many women still feel ill-equipped to make bold financial decisions. If women ignore their personal finances, it is likely that they will be forced to face these issues at a time of crisis such as the illness, divorce or unexpected death of their spouse. Whilst the general principles of personal financial planning apply to both genders, women face unique challenges that should be addressed specially.

  • Are you 21 and just starting out in your career or business?
  • Are you 32 and recently married or are thinking about it?
  • Are you are a high earning 40-something, but your money just disappears into a black hole?
  • Have you became a mother at 45 and will still be educating kids well into your 60s?
  • Are you a super single mom trying to build a great life for you and your kids?
  • Are you 55, unemployed and have no savings or investments?
  • Are you 60 and can’t afford to retire?
  • Are you middle-aged, single and saddled with huge responsibilities?
  • Are you a super gran and supporting children and grandchildren?
  • Are you are the primary or sole breadwinner of your family?
  • Are you thinking of embarking on a late-in-life marriage with “baggage” on both sides?
  • Are you divorced and picking up the financial pieces of your life?
  • Have you lost him, and are widowed?

On Saturday, March 24th, 2018, Nimi Akinkugbe in collaboration with AXA Mansard SHE will be hosting a learning event that addresses money matters through the various stages of life under the auspices of Money Matters with Nimi and AXA Mansard will present 20 women with complimentary tickets to this impactful event.

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