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“Cosby Show” actress stages Topless Protest at Bill Cosby’s Trial



Nicolle Rochelle, a 39-year-old who appeared on 4 episodes of “The Cosby Show,” staged a topless protest at the retrial of Bill Cosby.

Cosby’s sexual assault retrial began on Monday in Pennsylvania.

Rochelle had written on her body the words “Women’s Lives Matter” and names of some of the women Cosby had allegedly raped.

In a police press release seen by People, Rochelle was said to have been charged with disorderly conduct “after she entered a restricted area on the grounds of the Montgomery County Courthouse at 8:35 a.m., when the defendant, William H. Cosby Jr., was arriving for court.”

Speaking to People, Rochelle said:

My action today was first and foremost an action lead by the group I joined in Europe about a year and half ago called Femen. Femen is an international Women’s movement of topless female activists painted with slogans and our mission is protesting the patriarchy and reclaiming our bodies.

Protesting Bill Cosby was important for us because he is a man who has been disempowering women’s bodies for decades and in being naked today, I was symbolically taking back the ownership of all the victims’ bodies and redefining it as a political tool as opposed to a sexual object.

When I was 12 years old I did recur on the Cosby Show but regardless of whether I had been on the show or not, I would have been there today protesting on behalf of Femen and for the rights of women worldwide.

Photo Credit: @DrRashonneCurry


  1. extra

    April 10, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    luv this!!!!
    Did she ‘seek attention through nudity’ yes
    Was she able to communicate her points across evev while naked: yes
    Was she harrassed or initimidated no
    America ~from sea to shining sea!

    Wow its truly The land of the free and the home of the brave. Note it was not ‘born’ that way…it took YEARS of fights, negotiation, renegotiation, mounting pressure to get to the point they currently are within social justice..

    Typing earnestly behind a keyboard while eating chinese takeaway will not help one’s passion/cause..And yes I am talking first about myself before others. man in the mirror tinz

    Since I was born I have never experienced steady power supply in Nig! Nigeria is harsh, the life expectancy is low (late 40s? 50s), infant mortality is at the highest..illnesses that have long been eradicated elsewhere is resurfacing in nigeria. Access to clean water, shelter and healthy food is POOR..we do not take care of the vulnerable people amongst us. i am willing to wager that this generation will most likely not see their pension (when its time) due to unfettered corruption we condone today in our 20s

    We need to take a cue from this brave woman to vigorously stand for what is right, protect the weak, etc etc etc while we are still young with our wits around us

  2. zzzzzzzzzzz

    April 11, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Maybe you should open the floor, there are better ways of protesting than to go about nude. As far as I am concerned the lady is just looking for relevance and cheap popularity. If you like come for me. I don’t care. I am a woman , she should place some value on her body and cover up.

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