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Diamond Bank hosts Inaugural Business Workshop in Celebration of Women’s History Month



With a quest to seeing businesses grow into bigger enterprises, Diamond Bank reinforces its support for women in business by holding a Business Workshop as part of the regular capacity building programs aimed at supporting SMEs banking with Diamond

The last Inaugural Diamond Business Workshop will definitely not be forgotten in a hurry, mostly because this edition was in honour of women.

The workshop which held in Abuja welcomed over 150 guests and had an all-female attendance in celebration of the Women’s History Month which is globally celebrated in the month of March.

Guest speaker at the event was Nwanyi Akamu, who dissected the topic of discussion- “Building a Sustainable Business Enterprise: the Press for Progress” to bits. Her business insights were received by an enthusiastic audience who attested to the relevance of the workshop in aiding planning and strategy to take their businesses to the next level.

Some of the highlights included a break-out session where participants were divided into groups to discuss ideas, and were also required to go through a robust checklist. They were to identify which of the items on the checklist made up ‘must-haves’ in their businesses and afterwards, scored themselves. Their scores were a reflection of how sustainable their business models at the time were. The exercise got more interesting as the moderator went further to find out the average scores for each group and the winning group was thereafter determined.

Shortly afterwards, the most engaging moment for a lot of guests, the networking session took place. The participants shared ideas amongst themselves, made connections and paved access to market opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

The women led programme hosted by Diamond Bank welcomed as many, seeking to advance their businesses from across the country. The excitement transcended online as participants kept dishing out high points of events to inspire others, making the event trend on social media.

It can confidently be said that many of the women who participated in the Diamond Business Workshop stepped out transformed and ready to step up.

Kudos to Diamond Bank as we look forward to another edition of Diamond Business Workshop.

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