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#StopTheSoot: Governor Wike says FG Deliberately Using Soot to Depopulate Rivers



Residents of Port Harcourt and its environs have for about 2 years have been experiencing soot in the atmosphere. The residents who have repeatedly cried out of the the situation and its short and lung term effects on the population have also decided to stage a peaceful protest against the problem.

Governor of the state Nyesom Wike has accused the federal government of having plans to depopulate the state, using the soot.

He made this known to a delegation from the United Nations at the Government House in Port Harcourt, a statement by Simeon Nwakaudu, the governor’s Special Assistant (Electronic Media) said.


The governor was quoted as saying:

Thank God that the United Nations has come in view of the issues we have raised. We thank the United Nations for their concern on the Rivers Environment as it relates to the soot.

If we must move on, we must situate the cause of the soot and the fact that the Federal Government has decided to make sure that a greater percentage of the state dies.

The Federal Government wants to eliminate a greater percentage of the state. The problem of soot is not caused by the Rivers State Government. It is caused by Federal Agencies.

The Rivers State Government do not own companies that refine crude. We have made representations to the Federal Government and her agencies on the issue of soot, to no avail .

We have called on the security agencies to find more refined ways of destroying the illegal refineries. We have informed the National Council of Environment, the military and all Federal Regulatory Agencies, but they are not interested in intervening.

We want the international community to come to our aid and pressure the Federal Government not to politicise environmental issues. We are ready to work with the international community to address this challenge.

All the Federal Government is doing is to chase shadows , organising people to protest. Until they stop politicizing very serious issues and focus on governance, we will head nowhere.

The Federal Government is using the soot as a political strategy, not knowing that it will fail woefully.

I have directed the Honourable Attorney General to brief an environmental lawyer to sue the Federal Government and the international oil companies over the issue of soot.

Wike also questioned why $1 billion dollars would be approved for security challenge and same not done for the environmental challenge in the Niger Delta.

The governor had earlier called on protesters to direct their grievances to the federal government as the state has no control over security agencies, the Port Harcourt refinery, and the destruction of illegal refineries in the state by the Nigerian Navy.

Watch below:


  1. bunnie

    April 19, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Governor Wike can be a big joke sometimes. Today we have decided to stage a protest and all of a sudden he is running his mouth. Nobody really cares whether its the state or federal government. It is the responsibility of both to keep us safe. Governor Wike is aware of illegal refineries and he’s talking about suing international oil companies. I know for sure that a company like TOTAL has been trying to get to the bottom of this matter even though they aren’t responsible. But our governor has decided to ignore the “KPOFIRE” guys. There is a protest this morning and there is also clean air this morning. The boys decided not to cook last night.

    Truth is, the River state government is politicizing the issue as well. Not everything should be war…….sometimes be civil. Do your part as a state government by trying to stop these boys, while the federal government will do their part by destroying illegal refineries with intelligence. You cannot send government officials to destroy a problem by adding another problem. I recently saw a video of these government officials “destroying” illegally refined diesel. They did so by pouring the diesel into the water bodies; and boldly too like they had sense. When the interviewer asked why they did so, they said it would be worse if they let the diesel leave that place. Then a fishing community cannot fish anymore. Air polluted, water polluted………………..Its a mess honestly.



    • Ayomide

      April 19, 2018 at 4:37 pm

      The man is really a big joke. As a state governor, what has he done so far to curtail the issue? Nothing! all he does is to push the blame to the federal government. In regard to security, every state government have a security vote and a certain amount of money allocated to them for security. Yet, i wonder where this money goes to… He is just a pain in the a–! mthewwww!!!

  2. Amaa

    April 19, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    You have got to be kidding me . ?

  3. omomo

    April 20, 2018 at 11:11 am

    Is this man ok?? Why are our politicians heartless like this???? FACE the issue my friend and stop politicising everything ? rivers people you guys are in one chance ….tueh..Give a scientific blue print on a solution for goodness sake ..please all thees is making me never come back to that state

  4. John

    April 20, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Rivers , Bayelsa and delta..the way people from those states reason is very appalling..their IQ is very low..they are just behind the north in IQ …. .the only reasonable state in that entire SS Region are just Akwaibom and Crossriver. .

  5. John

    April 20, 2018 at 11:48 am

    IQ are very low***

  6. Fleur

    April 21, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    where is your data to back your points, @John? Did you run into people when you visited that act out under the cloak of massive oppression and that is now your yardstick for measuring lQ? what standardized tests did you factor in your decision? Na wa sha.

  7. Fleur

    April 21, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    The reason I’ve been silent on this issue is because no amount of air filters will save Rivers State government leadership or the soldiers destroying the illegal refineries from the effects of the carcinogens, Cardiotoxins, fetal toxins, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, nephrotoxins, and respiratory toxins. Everybody is reaping the dividends rich or poor. Air Pollution does not know how to differentiate between a governor’s nose or a rich man’s nose and a hungry man’s nose. All na nose!
    if you have cardiac arrhythmias, look no further for cause. If seemingly “unsick” people you know dropped and died Suddenly , don’t worry. it’s not from the village. Go and read about the “London Fog” on google. Yes that name brand of clothing has meaning. That juju is at work. if kids (and adults) have asthma, difficulty breathing or they Suddenly die in their sleep, it’s not hubby’s bae. it’s the soot. If pregnant women in your life are giving birth prematurely and/or the babies are born with low birth weight, or the babies die in utero, no be village people or that generational evil spirit. it’s the soot.
    If you are in the neighboring states of Imo, Delta, AKwa Ibom, it’s time to learn about wind patterns. Are you downwind from rivers state? Does the natural circulation of air currents bring stuff your way? if yes, sorry, your nose too is game. if you are going to share the pollution and its Side effects, you should share the income from the refineries. At least you get paid for the sickness and death even though potential Value of a statistical life down there is in millions of dollars, which you won’t get per dead head.

    Lagosians and Other states, I highly recommend you study this as well. You don’t need large quantities of soot to die. That’s why white peeps are crazy about it.
    Oh I forgot your “welfare effects.” Yeah, that S **t will eat right through any metal frame and paint. Right now paint and roofing biz will be good startup ventures for those young peeps Buhari thinks are like Ahmed and Zahra.

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