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Lil’ Bella says: Do things that’ll make you feel better



Hi you!

It’s Lil’ Bella here.

Here are a few things that’ll make you feel better: How about writing a to-do list for the day? Sit with a cup of tea and silence for 5 minutes. Message that friend of yours.

She’s cute, stylish and full of positive vibes ONLY. Be like Lil’ Bella all day every day.

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  1. Iyke

    June 30, 2018 at 10:46 am

    I love the silence part – On my way to hike.Will be hiking via the Chamonix -Zermatt Haute Route to breath and take it the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of Mont Blanc.
    Excellent for my ME time and mental health.
    You all should start getting outdoors often….Switch off that phone for at least 4 hours today.

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