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Reverend Funke Adejumo has been Trending For Weeks & Here’s Why

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Reverend Funke Felix-Adejumo has been trending for weeks with videos and photos of her all over social media.

Comedian Wale Gates has been sharing videos of the pastor asking for donations from congregations in different churches. See a few of them below:

Daddy Freeze, too, on his Instagram, shared several videos of the pastor asking that churchgoers donate.

A campaign has also been launched seeking 5000 signatures for a petition banning the pastor from entering the UK.

The petition is titled: “Ban Funke Felix Adejumo from coming to the UK to defraud the people and the country.”

It currently has 4277 signatures.

In support of the pastor, a new hashtag, #IStandWithFunkeAdejumo, was launched on Instagram, with fans of the pastor sharing just how much impact she’s had in their lives.

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The number of times you have blessed my life is uncountable. You taught me the importance of honouring my husband and praying passionately for my children , even unborn.. . . Your charity works in the lives of the less privileged is unparalleled. People don’t see the jaw dropping things you do for people, spurred by genuine love.. How you’ve poured out your life as a libation. People deliberately and ignorantly choose to over look your love and passion for God and kingdom advancement but choose to speak against what they don’t understand. I am proud to call you MOTHER because you are a phenomenal woman. I love you deeply. Your fearlessness , your humour , your passion , your boldness.. You are beautiful inside out ❤️ Keep soaring high and changing the world ma’am.. God is seeing it all.. . . There’ll always be naysayers , it only points to the truth that you’re doing something right. #istandwithfunkeadejumo #FunkeAdejumoIsAPhenomenalWoman #FunkeAdejumoIssaWorldChanger

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Mercy Richman ministries is starting a move today with my team against petition toward @ffadejumo Only blind can denied the prove of what God is using mama funke for in this generation People will only talk about seed But I will talk about the work this ministry has help out Widow Abandon children Abuse woman Orphanage Hospital Scholarships Berger Aged Sponsorship Less privileged And many more Mama Funke Adejumo ministries as help many womanhood both home and abroad Taking the gospel and love of Christ to many city and by God's grace God will continue to strengthen her to do more for This generation I rise a flag to stand with mama funke Adejumo Ministries #istandwithfunkeadejumo @janearowolo @mzdebbie_ @mzmono @tolulope_solutions @kemiajumobi @tomilolapeters_ @zimrinlyzeecouture @prophetrichman @ddadejumo @a.king.like_ayo @mercyrichman @path_4_life @agape_pground @adrad_ @ffadejumo @efenathan @sammieokposo @spiritofsaco @apostlewales @nhn_couture @seunadetomiwaolabode @oluwatomilove @gbemigafadejumo@oluwakemih

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A true Mother A God General A true worshipper of Jehovah My Spiritual Mother My Heroine My Role Model My Mentor Woman of virtue Woman of substance Trail blazer Our Matriarch Our Apostle You brought a revolution to womanhood in Africa. There was a season in my life you housed me when many others offered me "scriptures" When many others would rather save thier face than to reach out to me in my pains.. When many others would rather just be neutral and watched me suffer… You stood for me, you nurtured my wounds, you covered me.. You loved me…Not only me Maami…to many!!! I don't know how much scripture you know.. But I can never forget the love and care you showed me. I've followed the principles you teach and it has saved my life in many ways.. I just want you to know I'm a life that is changed because you said yes to God! Keep glowing for our Lord Mummy, keep soaring Mummy, keep radiating His light Mummy. I love you endlessly @ffadejumo GOD had lifted you and some people cannot just handle it…. #istandwithfunkeadejumo @bdadejumo @gbemigafadejumo @ddadejumo @tolulope_solutions @kemiajumobi @oluwakemih

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