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“Oshiomhole is behaving like a rain-beaten chicken” – Saraki



Oshiomhole is behaving like a rain-beaten chicken - Saraki | BellaNaija

Senate President Bukola Saraki has condemned the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC)Adams Oshiomhole, describing him as a “rain-beaten chicken.”

The Cable reports that Saraki’s comments are a reaction to Oshiomhole’s who said Saraki will be impeached and will be defeated in his senatorial election in the 2019 elections.

The comments were made in a statement released by Saraki’s spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu. He said:

It is rather surprising that Mr. Adams Oshiomhole is behaving like a rain-beaten chicken, crying all over the place about Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, as if the Senate President is the apparition haunting his life and the sinking ship that he captains.

Having decided not to join the pigs in rolling in the dirt; we would not like to be involved in any meaningless exchange with the demagogue now in charge of APC. However, because he claimed that he was reacting to the issues raised by the Senate President during his World Press Conference, we thought it necessary to give the APC chairman some attention.

Alas, we found that instead of addressing any issue raised by the Senate President, his press conference merely showcased his obsession and those of his sponsors with Saraki’s removal, which he did without any decorum befitting of his age or his awarded office. He brimmed with hate, hurled abuses, threw tantrums, told lies, huffed, puffed. In the end, he said nothing.

It is indeed amazing that the same Oshiomhole, who is now describing Saraki as a politician of no consequence was the same one who only a few months ago was crawling all over the place pleading for Saraki’s support to become chairman. We are sure that those who took him to Saraki several times to plead his case must now be thoroughly embarrassed by his reckless and uncouth manner.

By his conduct and utterances, Oshiomhole, who accused Saraki of not acting in national interest needs to do more to convince Nigerians that his desperate desire to become party chairman is not simply to feed his over-sized ego.

The position of Oshiomhole and his cohorts in the APC that the Senate President must resign is a mere wishful thinking. They will continue to dream about their planned removal of the Senate President. They will need 73 Senators to lawfully remove Dr. Saraki and they will never get that in the present eight Senate.

This garrulous, tactless and reckless APC chairman should know that a million of Adams Oshiomhole cannot remove Saraki as Senate President. His illegal plots, can only feed his insatiable ego and keep him awake at nights. But it will remain an exercise in futility.

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  1. Fizzy

    August 12, 2018 at 8:09 am

    The position of party chairman is not for a control and command kind of person. Oshiomole as Labour leader was used to confrontations and from there, he became a gov. The present constitution puts too much powers in the hands of the govs. To come from such a background with absolute powers into that of party chairman is tricky. The post requires someone with conflict resolution skills. But most importantly, a level headed individual. The political terrain consists of individuals who made names for themselves outside of politics and some within. These are wealthy men and women and you cannot expect to whip them into doing your biding. Oshiomole needs to eat humble pie and learn rather than behaving like an emperor. Round One: Saraki 10 Oshio 0.

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