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#PVCitizen: Today is the Last Day for you to Get Your PVC



It’s the last day, the very last chance for you to get your Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

Now, it is possible you’ve procrastinated until today, the very last day. Well, in that case, all you have to do is leave your home, and, you know, go to the polling unit closest to you.

On the other hand, it’s more realistic to assume you’re indifferent about the entire thing and can’t find a reason to get your PVC or vote in 2019.

If you look around you, though, take a careful look at things, consider them for a minute, I’m sure you’ll find a few reasons.

If you’re tired of the present administration and you desperately want a change, the only way to get that is through voting.

If you do like the present administration and need things to remain as they are, the only way to ensure they do is by voting.

And you can’t vote without getting your PVC, can you?

Most people I know have refused to get their PVC because they don’t believe their votes count. They don’t believe their votes will change anything.

But the truth is: The only way your votes can begin to count or change things is if you become an active citizen. If you actually become involved in how the country is run.

And the first step toward becoming an active citizen is getting your PVC.

Sounds like platitudes, maybe. But it is the truth.

Please, today, just make that effort and go get your PVC. It’s the only thing you can do to make Nigeria livable.