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For the Love of Delicious Meals! Here are all the reasons ‘Jollof and Other Things’ was a great Experience



Maggi cooks at the Jollof and Other Things event

Jollof and Other Things went down last Sunday at a new location, Muri Okunola Park, and we had a successful day. The weather was warm but not scorching, breezy but not rainy, and we had a full house. It was a colourful day at the festival, with Maggi’s vibrant yellow blocks stacked up in the venue, motivational Jollof banners floating in the wing, and our colourful trademark Jollof signs wrapping around the entire venue.

The festival had a solid security presence, to ensure free-flowing traffic and safety so all our attendees had a smoother experience with parking and traffic than previous events. We’re so grateful for our guests who came from all over Lagos, from Church and home to celebrate the best of Nigeria’s traditional dishes.

We’re also immensely grateful to our vendors. All the vendors were specifically curated for the festival from a list of applicants, and so a balanced variety of high-quality vendors were carefully positioned. We also introduced the artisan category, we’re introducing our guests to specialist, home-based businesses that provide specialty food items.

We said doors would be closed at 6 pm, and they were. Entry was controlled and so there was breathing room for the attendees to move around and enjoy the attractions of the festival with friends and family. Aside from all the creative dishes on offer at the event, we had art, apparel and showcases on display all day. Thanks to Red Dish Culinary School for their Mystery Box Challenge with Maggi which happened live at the festival main stage. it was a fun mix to the day’s affairs. Lastly, we’d like to give a big thank you to our partner for the festival, Kitchen Butterfly and sponsors Maggi Nigeria and Budweiser. Stay tuned for our announcements about our headlining event late December.

Check out photos from the event below.

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