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You can make your Journey to Motherhood Memorable with this Pregnancy Journal by Omeyi Yangs



Are you in search of a great way to document your pregnancy journey? Tired of always searching for your car keys when you need to go out? Or forgetting yet another doctor’s appointment? That’s what ‘preggy’ brain does to a pregnant mum!

pregnancy (preggy – slang) or mummy brain.

[preg-nuh n-see breyn] /noun/

  1.      Used to describe a condition whereby a pregnant woman or new mum tends to forget tasks frequently.

You know you really don’t have to forget important information because you are expecting?

After giving birth to 2 wonderful children, I remember how frustrating it felt each time I forgot yet another important event or appointment during my pregnancies and when they were still babies. One minute I would have a long list of things to do, the next minute, I would be completely blank.

Based on research, it is evident that quite a number of women go through this ‘Pregnancy Brain’ or ‘Mummy Brain’ phase during pregnancy or after the baby is born and it sometimes lasts till the baby is a year or two. I created this journal to let you know that you are not alone at this stage of your life and also provide a solution.

The art of writing, though often underutilized, is such a powerful tool to help combat forgetfulness. Keeping a journal also provides a great avenue to document important areas of your life. I do hope you find this useful and that it makes a great keepsake for you to share with your child(ren) in the future.

Author’s Bio

Omeyi Yangs is the founder and current CEO of Every Mums Maternity Apparel @everymums (popularly referred to as “Every Mums“). Every Mums is the leading retail brand for unique maternity and baby products in Nigeria. Omeyi is a first class degree holder in Economics from Trent University, Canada. She educates thousands of women about pregnancy and childbirth privately and across her social media platforms. When she is not tending to her business, she consults and serves as an ideator for other MSMEs. Editing, proofreading, and research are some of her other strengths. She is married and blessed with two wonderful sons. 

You can connect with her personally on Instagram @omeyispeaks.

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  1. didi

    September 26, 2018 at 7:51 am

    An example of a strong woman making waves. Love the book and the packaging is cool.

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