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Viola Davis covers Variety’s Latest Issue, talks Pay Disparity for Women of Colour in Hollywood



Viola Davis is on the cover of Variety‘s latest issue.

In her interview with the magazine, the award-winning actress speaks about her new film Widow, the value to knowing what you’re worth, and the pay disparity for women of colour in Hollywood.

Read excerpts below:

On her character in “Widows”: People try to be too nice with women. They keep them pretty. They keep them likeable. They cater to male fantasies. They cater to the male gaze. This film didn’t do that.

On the value of “worth”: People in general are always hustling for our worth. People in positions of power are always telling you that you’re less than or you’re unworthy. I’m a Christian. I reject that. We’re born worthy. You need to take [unworthiness] off the table.

On pay disparity: There are no percentages to show the difference. It’s vast. Hispanic women, Asian women, black women, we don’t get paid what Caucasian women get paid. We just don’t. We have the talent. It’s the opportunity that we’re lacking.

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    September 5, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    That last picture is everything.

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