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Join Imisi Owolabi at Ignite GLA’s Meeting tagged ‘Breakout’ | Saturday, November 3rd



Welcome to the eleventh month of 2018!!! A new month means another amazing monthly meeting hosted by Ignite GLA. Join us for our November 2018 fellowship themed ‘Breakout’. A ‘breakout’ can be defined as a violent or forceful break from a restraining condition or situation often resulting in a sense of freedom, an emergence into something new, something different and putting away the old condition or situation.

Picture a chick trying to break out of its shell which is a constraint; with time and persistent effort, the chick is able to peck through the shell and come forth into a new life as a chicken. In the same way, we have constraints in our lives that hold us back from being the sons and daughters God has called us to be. For some people, it is their past, for others, it is the fear that they cannot really achieve their God-given purpose. In this season, God is calling us to break out from whatever is holding us back and step into the life that He has planned for each and every one of us.

Join Ignite GLA as we fellowship together, Imisi Owolabi will be joining us at this gathering. Get ready to relax, discuss, study the Word, pray and worship. Please invite your friends, colleagues, families, we look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Time: 4.00 pm
Venue: Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi.

Ignite is the youth fellowship of Guiding Light Assembly. We are the young members of the GLA family – young men and women in business, young couples, young entrepreneurs; all young Christians who love Jesus and are trying to figure out how to live the Word in an increasingly complicated world. We meet on the first Saturday of every month to gist with the Holy Spirit, ask a lot of questions and to find out what He has to say about our everyday issues.

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