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Here’s why You need an iPhone 6s to Complete your Christmas Celebration!



Everybody deserves a gift for Christmas, and yours can be the best iPhone deal in the market this season. With a high-memory-capacity iPhone 6s and an extended 1-year local Nigeria warranty offer available in authorized Apple reseller outlets, this Christmas couldn’t be merrier.

Here’s why you need an iPhone 6s to complete your Christmas groove. The Power to do More with extended 1 Year Local Nigeria Warranty and other exciting benefits. Only available in Nigeria, When you purchase an authentic, brand new iPhone 6s this Christmas from any authorized reseller outlets, you get an additional 1-year local Nigeria warranty. This means you can enjoy warranty benefits on your iPhone device for up to two years. That’s not all, amongst other amazing features, this Christmas, the iPhone 6s comes with a storage capacity of 32GB. This gives you more to enjoy from the iPhone lifestyle.

In the mood for an iPhone 6s? Go on, visit any Authorized Reseller outlet. When you visit any of the authorized reseller outlets, look out for the “iPhone consultants” wearing black or blue branded T-shirts and they will fill you on all you want to know about the iPhone lifestyle. In fact just for buying an authentic, brand new iPhone, you get a Back-pack for Christmas!!!  We are not done yet!! Get the best customer service experience! You get to enjoy the best technical support on your purchase, from authorized service providers at Ensure Services.

The #MerryXmasiPhone6s deal is the merriest deal to be found this season, a deal you shouldn’t miss.  Because now you have the Power to do More.

Join The iPhone lifestyle and have yourself a Merry Christmas with the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s Christmas offer is yours right here.
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