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Polo Luxury Group hosts Luxury Brand Cartier in Nigeria



Nigeria’s foremost luxury goods company and authorized retailer of the Cartier Brand, Polo Luxury Group, recently hosted the executive team of Cartier from Geneva, Switzerland led by its Managing Director, Africa and Israel, Alessandro Patti on the official visit of the brand to Nigeria in a bid to further boost the business relationships between both brands.

Known for its giant strides in delivering artistic and creative pieces which have stood the test of time, the Cartier brand has a history of over 171 years of timeless and consistent delivery of quality and antique pieces, which has positioned the brand as one of the most important jewellery and luxurious timepieces brand in the world.

Welcoming the team to Nigeria, the Group Managing Director, Polo Luxury Group, John Obayuwana, expressed delight at the visit of the Cartier executive team, stating that such visit by a strategic partner of the Polo Luxury group further highlights the key importance of the Nigerian luxury market in the African continent.

He further stated that the visit further solidifies the business relationship between both Polo luxury group and the Cartier brand whilst also praising the efforts of the Cartier brand in pioneering creativity, innovation and uniqueness in the manufacturing of high-end timepieces.

Speaking during the Visit, the Managing Director, Africa and Israel, Alessandro Patti, thanked the Polo Luxury Group for the success of the Cartier brand since it came into the Nigerian market over 15 years ago as the partnership with Polo Luxury Group in Nigeria is one which was born out of shared values of creativity, art and passion for luxury goods.

Patti stated that “The Cartier brand has maintained its strong positioning due to its unique timeless pieces, creativity and innovation in meeting client’s needs all over the world and ensuring they are satisfied when they wear their unique Cartier timepiece with a sense of pride and fulfilment at any time.”

Speaking on the viability of the Nigerian Luxury Market in recent years, Alessandro Patti stated that “The partnership with Polo luxury group is one anchored on a long-term shared vision of growth which has been evident over the years with Polo Limited’s experience of the Nigerian Luxury Market as well as its passion for creativity, immense sense of luxury and business strategy which has been vital for navigating the Nigerian market with huge opportunities and potentials.”

Unveiling the Santos de Cartier watch, Alessandro Patti reiterated that, what differentiates the Cartier brand from other luxury brands, is its promise of timeless pieces, as despite the fact that the Santos watch is over 110 years old, the brand has maintained its unique style as Cartier creations of today are treasures of tomorrow.

The 2018 update of the Santos watch has focused on improving ergonomics and the comfort of the wearer while maintaining the timeless allure of the design. Subtle changes have been made to create a sleeker shape and improve legibility – changes that might not immediately be apparent to the untrained eye – which highlight the brand’s luxurious approach to adapting its iconic designs to the modern lifestyle.

Polo Luxury Group remains one of the largest retailers of Cartier timepieces in West Africa and one of the brand’s foremost dealer on the continent, guaranteeing an exclusive collection of 100 per cent authentic Geneva.

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  1. tolu

    December 31, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Why’s he holding his elbow in most of the pictures?

    • myopinion

      December 31, 2018 at 6:13 pm

      He’s not the only one with the same pose.Even the white guy too.Seems it’s a signature pose for them..who knows.

  2. didi

    December 31, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    Cartier wristwatch publicity nah

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