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The Photos & Videos from the #MarketMarchYaba show why it was Necessary

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Pretty much everyone is aware of the street harassment that goes on in Yaba market.

Anyone who’s visited the market knows just how it goes: They stand by the side of the road and, under the pretence of coaxing women to buy from them, pull at their hands, parts of their bodies, and call them ridiculous names—my colour, my size, fanta. And when the women complain? Then they insult, call them ashewo.

Deciding to do something about it, a group of people embarked on the #MarketMarchYaba, protesting market harassment.

The women who protested shared photos and stories showing what happened in the market and proving that the protest was necessary.

Men in the market called them names as they protested, harassed them, told them they had a right to their bodies and if they didn’t want to be touched then they should stay in their homes.

But the protest has largely been lauded on Twitter, with people pouring in support.

Check out the pictures from the march:


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