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Wednesday’s #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion had All the Yabs | Here’s What You Missed

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Wednesday's #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion had All the Yabs | Here's What You Missed | BellaNaija

Have you been keeping up with the #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion show? Then you probably have seen DeeOne getting up to his antics, yabbing everyone.

Well, on Wednesday, DeeOne was in the zone, finding a prey in Princess and repeatedly coming for her. And what was it all about?


DeeOne claims Princess speaks in an “Amerigbo” accent when the camera comes on, and switches back to her normal voice when it goes off.

It started with the Saturday night parties. Princess said she’s been to real parties and the Saturday night parties in the house weren’t a lot of fun. But it was sha there so she made the most out of it.

Then she said her organising games after the parties weren’t because she was high. It was because she wanted to make the house fun. That was when DeeOne said she was lying. That was when it all started.

Princess explained that she traveled outside the country just before she arrived Nigeria for the Big Brother house. But even Big Brother got into the joke when she said she’s never had a typical Nigerian accent and Big Brother played a clip of her speaking normally in the house.

While DeeOne went on, talking about how Princess should have learned from Anto‘s American accent, everyone else came to her defense. K Brule said he felt Princess was cool and had a vibe. BamBam said people changing the way they speak in the present of different company is normal, and that was what Princess was doing. Teddy A sort of agreed with the that, but added that he had an issue with people who stayed outside the country for six months suddenly acquiring an accent, giving DeeOne the chance to enter with a comment that Princess stayed in the US for only six months. That it’s a visiting visa she got, and she should confess because the US embassy was watching.

Then the matter died oo. Until DeeOne resurrected it when they asked him who he thought was the biggest liar in the house and he said Princess. What lies did she tell? Her accent.

Another really hilarious part from last night was when Tobi said he wouldn’t have been mad if Cee C won the game, and Ebuka‘s face just turned like, What?

Look out for tonight, as we’ll probably get a different set of housemates who’ll come with different reasons for us to laugh and love them. Until then.

Photo Credit: bigbronaija

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