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Bozoma Saint John talks Self-Confidence on ESSENCE’s “Yes, Girl!” Podcast, Listen here



The latest episode of ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! Podcast is now available on Spotify, iTunes and other major streaming platforms. The episode features businesswoman and former CBO at Uber, Bozoma Saint John.

Bozoma joins the podcast hosted by Yolanda Sangweni, to tackle the subject of self-confidence and the need to approach life with urgency. The business exec also talks about her successes and how she got there.

Bozoma: On what it means to live life urgently:

“Living urgently came out of that moment (my husband passing), I realized we really don’t know how long we have in our life. We create five-year plans and we think “I have time for that” but you really don’t. Why not do it now, so you have time to do other things? … You can acknowledge that the hurt is there but it doesn’t have to defeat us. Sometimes these things sound like words on a t-shirt but we have to put them into practice.”

Listen to the podcast below: