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Chidiogo Akunyili makes a case for Gender Equality in Genevieve Magazine



Chidiogo Akunyili makes a case for Gender Equality on Genevieve Magazine | BellaNaija“Gender parity is not a plea for equality,” Chidiogo Akunyili, daughter of the late great Dora Akunyili, says in a conversation with Genevieve Magazine.

Chidiogo, who is passionate about gender equality and founded She ROARs – Reimagining Our Africa Rising, shared how women have been continually discriminated against.

“There is an under-tapped strength in a woman,” she shared. “By withholding education, various access, security, freedom, her life bear tales of body shame, sexual suppression, child-marriage, sexual violence, sexual harassment, human trafficking, physical violence and a plethora of workplace discrimination.”

But she’s demanding that an end be put to all that, and she’s aware it’s not going to be easy.

The road ahead is arduous and the herculean task of a better world is rendered even more difficult when society continues to rob women of the equal access needed to contribute to the fullness of our potential.

But she believes it is something that must be done, for “men and women to put the best parts of their shared humanity to work and heal the world.”

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