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You Can Now Link Multiple Bank Accounts With PayAttitude




Nigeria is taking its place in global Financial Technology space as a Nigerian Fintech company, PayAttitude obtains a patent for a first-in-kind technology, ‘Push-to-Receive”. Leveraging ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), the technology offers convenient ways and means of paying digitally for goods and services based on a unique combination of mobile phone number and push notification for identification, request, and authorization of payments.

The patent granted in Nigeria in 2017 is registered as No. NG/PT/NC/2017/2452 while the associated pay-off line Pay With Just Phone Number® is also a registered trademark of PayAttitude.

Accounts can be linked or created by simply dialing *569# (USSD) or downloading “PayAttitude Digital” app. Subscribers can conveniently and securely carry out transactions by themselves or through family, friends, and staff by simply entering the subscriber’s telephone number at POS, ATM, Web or Mobile device. The subscriber is then located and requested to authorize transactions by entering their 6-digit PIN on their personal devices.   

Built on a convergent platform around lifestyle, habits, and attitude of various consumers that value convenience and security, it can be used also for different payments including C2B (Consumer-to-Business), P2P (Peer-to-Peer), G2P (Government-to-People), Collections by membership associations or organizations such as clubs, worship organizations.   

This innovation provides some unique benefits to users in Nigeria which include:

New Risk Management Standards

  • PIN is now to be entered only on the personal device of holders and no longer on the Web, ATMs, PoS or anywhere else.
  • A phone number is now to be entered on the Web, ATMs, PoS. Confidential details such as full name, card number, expiry date, etc. are no longer required.    

Multiple Banks/Accounts  

Users can link multiple accounts across different banks and institutions, enabling them to select the funding source during transactions and a single view or access to accounts with different institutions.  

Financial Inclusion

The underserved and financially excluded can easily be included in financial services through the use of phone number as the new digital financial account number or identity. With the USSD feature, any type of phone handset can be used.

Agency Banking

Individuals and small businesses can become self-employed or earn additional income by registering themselves as instant agents or agent managers for agency banking on PayAttitude Digital App.  

Digital Invoicing & Instant Collection

Businesses and membership associations can simply invoice customers and members digitally by sending amount payable and description to their phone numbers for authorization and instant payment by customers and members who will enter their PIN on their personal phone handset. This eliminates printing and distribution of paper invoices and eases payment for customers.

Digital Corporate Account Management

Corporate account holders can enable authorized signatories to initiate and approve transactions from their telephone handset and other personal devices from different locations.  

Secure 3rd Party Transactions

Electronic transactions can be safely and conveniently done by self or family, friends and staff who will enter user’s phone number on the Web, ATM or PoS while user approves the transaction from user’s phone from wherever user may be. PayAttitude users can send anyone to the ATM to withdraw cash or to physical or online merchant locations to buy goods and services without giving out their ATM cards, PIN number, etc.  

Instant Digital Prepaid Accounts  

Digital prepaid accounts can be created seamlessly for corporate expenses and payments to ad-hoc staff, etc.

Phone Handset as PoS Device

The high cost of PoS devices is eliminated, making it possible for small businesses to receive payments electronically by sending payment requests to customers for instant authorization from their phone handset.

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