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tw’s March/April Women’s Edition celebrates Woman Power and all that makes this ‘Hood’ Rock



The ability to birth is one of the glorious wonders of womanhood, but what happens when we take out this stamp of qualification? Is that all there is to womanhood? tw’s cover girl, Dr. Rasha Kejel says no. Read all about her efforts to change this narrative through her ‘More than a Mother campaign’.

The Practical Girls Guide extends this narrative as three young mums show how to rock this ‘hood in style with select pieces from foremost retailer Mobos Fashion to commemorate women’s month.

Songbird J’odie may have been out of the limelight for a while but she is back, bringing the sound of joy in more ways than music. Read on to find out all she has been up to and what the future holds.  

A special report reveals shocking revelations as young women discuss the pertinent question “should we all be mothers” 

This edition is a celebration of the true essence of ‘feminity’ and ‘womanity’, a perfect nod to celebrating all things women from IWD to mother’s day.

Digital copies are available for only 500 Naira on Print copies available at all Health-Plus Pharmacy.

Outfit: Mobos Fashion (@Mobosfashion)
Stylist: Favour Olugu (@favolugu)
Photographer: Yusuf Olowu (@yusufshotme)
Makeup: Oluchi Musa (@oluchimusa)
Hair: Ceezys Styling (@ceezystyling)
Styling Assistant: Jennifer Ugboh (@jhene)
Cover Story: Syreeta Akinyide (@syreetaakinyede)

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