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WATCH the Season Finale of Victor Sanchez Aghahowa’s “Man of Her Dreams” starring Sonia Irabor & Folu Storms



Man of Her Dreams season 1 finale episode 10

“Man of Her Dreams” is created by acclaimed Nigerian TV show-runner, Victor Sanchez Aghahowa. The series stars Sonia Irabor as Kari and Folu Storms as Ladi.


Kari really needs to get her life together –  this is NOT the best time to be having “romantic” dreams about a man she has never laid eyes on before. Her best friend and roommate Ladi is on hand to help her keep things in perspective, until a certain knock on their door turns both their lives upside down.

On Episode 10 (Ice Cream + Wine), Kari and Ladi have to face the possibility that not all dreams are worth chasing. Or maybe they just are not meant to be chased together.

Watch it below:

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