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Vlogger & Actor Akah Nnani is sharing his thoughts on the 2019 Gubernatorial Elections | Watch



Akah Nnani is out with a new episode of his Vlog “Akah Bants” and in this episode, he’s weighing in on the 2019 Gubernatorial elections.

He says:

So the 2019 Nigerian presidential elections happened and Buhari came out winner again. I was pissed off, there were a lot of discrepancies with the electoral process but all that doesn’t make a difference now. A silver lining though is that Senetor Bukola Saraki did not win the senetorial ticket for his constituency. Guys, that was everything!! The people won. And come 2023, more people will come out to vote realising that their votes count. Again, I have to say, big shit out to BankyW. That is a hero!

Watch below.