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“About to walk down the aisle and be a mommy” – Is Nicki Minaj telling us something with this Song?



Rapper Nicki Minaj has got her fans talking after the cryptic lyrics of a new song she’s featured on.

In her verse on Chance the Rapper’s new song “Zanies and Fools“, the 36-year-old rapper seemingly hints at being pregnant and engaged to her boyfriend Kenneth Petty.

Nicki Minaj confirmed her relationship with Kenneth “Zoo” Petty about a year ago, even though some of her fans were not too pleased about the relationship.

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In the lyrics for the new song, she says:

He the Clyde to my Bonnie, ’bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy. Ooh, I remember when I cried like, ‘Why me?’ Now I wouldn’t exchange my life for Armani.

Nicki Minaj also shared part of the verse on her Instagram, along with a photo posing with Kenneth.

Her fans can’t stop talking about the possibility!

In case you missed it, Nicki Minaj recently revealed that she obtained a marriage license last month.

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