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Khafi, Gedoni get Emotional & There’s a Battle of Lyrics – Get the Scoop on #BBNaija Day 16



BBNaija Veto Power Chronicles

Seyi forfeits Veto power as Mike, Frodd, Tuoyo and Tacha make Nomination List

On Monday, the Housemates in Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ took part in what may arguably go down as the most exciting and unexpected nomination show of the franchise.

Following the previous day’s double evictions of Ella and KimOprah, Monday’s nomination Show resulted in Mike, Seyi, Frodd, Tuoyo & Tacha going up for possible eviction next week Sunday.  As is the norm, the Housemates individually made their way to the diary room to nominate two housemates each for possible eviction. At the end, Seyi & Frodd topped the nomination list with a total of six votes each, with Tuoyo coming next with five votes. Mike received four votes while Tacha had four votes.

The shocker of the show, however, came after the revelation of the nominations, with Seyi refusing to save himself with his veto power. “Biggie” had hitherto called on Seyi, asking about using his veto power to save and replace himself with another housemate. In the most surprising twist, however, Seyi declined to use his power and refused to replace himself with any other housemate. With this decision, Seyi not only remains up for eviction alongside Mike, Frodd, Tuoyo and Tacha, but he is also automatically banned from any privileges associated with his veto power.

As expected, Monday’s nomination show has generated tremendous buzz on social media with fans questioning Seyi’s decision, and many waiting for the next eviction show to discover the outcome.

Say It With A Melody

Housemates have been tasked to sing the rest of their conversations for their day’s Task.

Following the theme of this week which is ‘Music’, the Housemates were asked to continue their conversation singing instead of just speaking. Throughout this challenge, the Housemates were not allowed to sleep, the House must not be silent and at least, one Housemate must be singing. This Task which is proudly sponsored by Pepsi Naija, had the Pepper Dem Gang singing their way to victory.

1563287947 56 screenshot 2019 07 16 at 10.24.05 am

If you witnessed the last Thursday Task Presentation, then you were lucky enough to see them sing an originally composed song at the end of their Play. Today’s Task might as well be the extension of the Housemates song as they had to spend the most part of today singing. Luckily for them (or our ears if we are being honest), they get breaks from singing until when the buzzer goes off.

The Croaky Band

All the male Housemates fell into this category except for Sir Dee and maybe Nelson. Right from the announcement by the HoH, the three leaders of the Croaky Band, Omashola, Frodd and Seyi took charge of the Task as they sang the Task back. As they belted their notes, it suddenly dawned on us why Big Brother Naija was their best bet.

Biggie calls for Order

Turns Biggie wasn’t exactly blown away by the unruly nature of their singing and had to call for order, urging the House not to be noisy as they carry out their Task and refrain from constantly singing songs and just stick to regular conversation.

Money or Love?

Looks like we might have found the Housemates’ latest favourite thing –discussing relationship issues. Today they picked the topic of the needed fuel for relationships; Money or Love? As Housemates sang their responses, it wasn’t hard to tell that love wasn’t going to win this battle. Thelma and Jackye couldn’t come to a decision and insisted you needed both to break even.

Whatever comes off today’s Task will give the Housemates leverage for their Thursday Night Presentation where they will be required to present an original song.

Watch the Task Announcement

Dealing With The Other Guy

A classic case of when a rich person wants you and your boyfriend can’t do anything for you.

Finding yourself in a relationship with a partner not financially well-off, while a wealthy prospect is constantly on your case and eager to dole out material gifts can be quite a conundrum. On one hand, you want nice things, on the other hand, you can’t live with the feeling of disloyalty that might overwhelm you.

Picking A Side

The complexity of this topic made the discussion quite animated. A couple of the Pepper Dem Gang swore never to have anything to do with rich suitors while still being in love with their partner. Thelma cited cases where she had remained loyal to her partner in spite of interests from other richer parties. “If I love you, I love you with all my heart and that is all,” she said. Diane who also brought up times she had been offered a life of luxury, reiterated that she’d never trade her what she has for a more financially rewarding prospect.

1563282012 56 screenshot 2019 07 16 at 10.51.24 am

Taking a Different Stance

Tacha isn’t one to shy away from a controversial stance and said she had no problem receiving financial and material gifts from interested parties. Making a case for her stance, she said, “If you offer me money while I’m in a relationship with someone else, I will collect and when I’m done, I will block you.” When asked by Jeff about how she will explain the financial gifts, Tacha owned up to being in her relationship where full disclosure is the norm – saying she’ll definitely tell her partner about every gift she gets. Mike still wasn’t satisfied insisting her statement about growing with her man while still collecting from another was contradictory. “You cannot claim to be made if you are being sponsored,” he yelled at Tacha. Nelson was of the opinion that once a guy allows another man give his woman financial gifts, the love isn’t genuine.

1563282192 56 screenshot 2019 07 16 at 9.35.48 am

Will this affect the Relationship Dynamics in the House?

Seeing as the Housemates have been in a constant battle for Bet9ja Coins since the moment they entered into the House, the need for more Coins will frequently arise. What then happens when some of the Housemates in relationships need Coins and their partners can’t provide it? Will they stick to this resolve of not accepting gifts from other love interests or will desperate times call for desperate measures?

The Battle of Lyrics

How well can you sing for 1.5 million Naira and a 4-day all-expense paid VVIP trip to One Africa Music fest in Dubai?

Today’s Pepsi Know Da Lyrics challenge unleashed a singing career for the Pepper Dem gang – courtesy of Pepsi Nigeria.

The Mission 

Being the first day of this Task, today was rehearsal day – Biggie gave the Housemates an opportunity to memorise the lyrics of five songs. Thankfully, he provided the lyrics of the songs in Pepsi jars which served as a guide.

The Pepsi Know Da Lyrics challenge is a two-day challenge which requires the Housemates to be fully-kitted in their various Pepsi wears, at all times during the duration of the Task. Today, they were graciously dressed in branded Pepsi T-shirts and slides.

Occasionally, Big Brother played the chosen five songs, which the Housemates had to sing along to – using Pepsi bottles as microphones. The challenge is for each housemate to learn their chosen lyrics and simply sing along to their part of a song whenever the song is played.

For this rehearsal, the full versions of each song will be played. However, only the instrumental version of the song will be played tomorrow, so it is imperative that each housemate is very conversant with the songs and their lyrics

The Lyrical Jokers

It was quite amusing watching the Pepper Dem gang have a lyrical battle as they sang along to All Over by Tiwa Savage, Nwa Baby by Davido, Case by Teni andGreen Light by DJ Cuppy x Tekno. While some took the challenge rather serious, others entertained us as they went about the rehearsals.

Here’s what we mean

The Khadoni Ship in Stormy Seas?

Following KimOprah’s Eviction on Sunday, we’ve seen troubled waters surrounding the Khadoni ship.

The Matchmaker

During her conversation with Omashola,Khafi revealed her sadness about the distance between herself and her self-selected Pepper Dem partner – Gedoni. In his response, Omashola said he noticed the distant communication between the pair and had told Gedoni to address the issue with Khafi. This conversation prompted Khafi to address the space in their situationship.

What Stirred Up The Trouble?

Khafi addressed the trouble in their ship by asking Gedoni why the pair had been distant since Sunday. This was evident when Khafi was seen struggling to memorise her lyrics in today’s Pepsi Know Da Lyrics Task – and while other Housemates helped her get through the struggle, Gedoni was nowhere to be found. To her, he just wasn’t there for her.

To Khafi, she felt her answer to Ebuka’s question about her feelings for Gedoni made him scared and caused this distance. We reckon it wouldn’t be easy to forget the moment Khafi was caught agreeing with Ebuka that Gedoni had arrested her heart. Biggie’s cupid must be doing a great job in the House.

“It felt like you only used me to get over KimOprah and now that she’s gone, you’re done playing the game”, said Khafi as she revealed her fears.

Sober Gedoni

In his defence, Gedoni said he has always had issues in his past relationships as a result of getting easily misunderstood. He also blamed the rain for his moody behaviour in the House and promised he didn’t keep his distance intentionally. Is this a good enough excuse to keep the stormy weather away?

Tears and Cuddles

“I won’t make you feel that way again”, said Gedoni, while he tried explaining the reason for the rift between them. Emotional Khafi burst out in tears as she kept on revealing her fears about getting emotionally attached to him – which birthed a cuddling moment between the pair.

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Here’s how the conversation went down

Khafi and Gedoni kept us glued to our screens as they tried to address their situationship. The question is – what happens when an ex is involved?

Bathroom Fight

Tacha spits fire this morning raging over Frodd’s attempt to stop her from using the bathroom.

The Pepper Dem gang started their seventeenth day in Biggie’s House with an energetic workout. After a frog jump exercise led by Tuoyo, the ladies were treated to some fun when strapped to the men’s back like babies they were smiling broadly and urging the men on, as they raced from one end of the Arena to another. The sweet rhythm seemed to be fuel to the men’s energy as they sped to the other side like a jet.

The Fight

After the workout session, they all went back into the room preparing for the day’s Tasks. Some of them had to use the bathroom. Frodd was ready to use the bathroom but realized that Tacha was already there. As he made to go in, Tacha sent him back with peppery words. She wouldn’t allow any of the guys have their bath because she Tacha was bathing. Eh, who dares to mess with the Queen! While some of the guys in the dressing room kept their cool about Tacha’s missile words, Ike was angry asking Tacha to at least show some respect.

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A Silent Response?

Because Frodd didn’t say a word (remember the saying, silence is the best answer for a fool?), Tacha became enraged hurling verbal missiles at him. She called him all sorts of names like “stupid”, “idiot” “multi-coloured human being”. However peppery these words were, Frodd kept his cool.

When Tacha came out of the bathroom, she started to abuse Frood the more, as though her earlier expressions were like a preamble. As she peppered the mute Froidd with very powerful abusive words, to the extent of referring him back home, Frodd came out of the bathroom not saying a single word. This seemed to surprise other Housemates who were probably expecting him to come out in full force charging at Tacha. A few minutes later, all went silent.

Then suddenly Tacha started again, this time, using very powerful expressions that could hurt even the gentlest of human being. She said that Frodd should feel lucky to be in the same place with her, as on a normal day she was too big a person to have anything to do with her. Hmmm, on fire!

While this verbal exchange went on unstopped, the other housemates were there looking on, there was not even a single utterance by anyone of them. Could they be afraid of Tacha? Or were they just minding their business?

Considering Tacha’s choice of words and the determined manner with which she expressed them, can we see a case of someone waiting for this chance, as if there had been a misunderstanding earlier on.

See the drama here.

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