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Ibrahim Suleiman’s Birthday Message to Linda Ejiofor will Warm your Heart

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Today is Linda Ejiofor’s birthday and her husband, Ibrahim Suleiman has written a lovely message for her.

Sharing her photo on his Instagram page, he wrote:

“Mahn…where does a man start to describe such a true feeling of completion? Lol.  I call you Sunshine, and it isn’t for obvious reasons (I mean, there’s that, but it’s waaay beyond how shiny you are). There are many darknesses in today’s world, and I am eternally grateful to God for how easily you light up my world. @ihuomalindaejiofor You are such a special, special woman and I am honoured that you let me take care of you. Happy Birthday, My Baby. Thank you for bringing so much Sunshine into my world. Your happy makes me happy, and I Love you fiercely.
#MrsQuest #AishasNewDaughter#SevenDaysOfSunshine #Approved#captainQuest #sonOfAisha”

Ibrahim Suleiman and Linda Ejiofor Suleiman


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