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Jennifer Nagu: 4 Destinations In Nigeria For Your Perfect Summer Vacation



Visa restrictions or financial constraints may have discouraged you from going on a foreign vacation in summer 2019, but there is good news: Nigeria offers equally exciting experiences across various cities, all of which will wow you and leave you wanting more.

Experience Epe
Epe is located in Lagos State, and is one of the newest and most exciting destinations for a lux vacation experience in Nigeria. I am particularly excited about Epe because I completed my secondary school education there.

To maximise your vacation, check in at any resort on the Lekki-Epe axis, like the Epe Resorts and Spa, Ikare Beach Resort, or La Campagne Tropicana, and treat yourself to body rejuvenating activities like spa, fitness, luscious meals and scenic views.

Explore the Epe mangrove, and take a 30 minute guided boat ride around Epe town. Take selfies and listen to historical stories about the Epe community. Enjoy a tour of the popular Epe palm-wine factory, the Ogogoro Factory. Take a sip of the palm wine and awaken your taste buds with some boli.

Take a trip to Lufasi Park, and enjoy a nature walk. In the evening, party with friends at Eleko Beach, Alpha Beach, Ilashe, etc. Lekki-Epe is home to many waterfronts, so feel free to search out your most preferred and explore accordingly.

On your last day, shop at local markets for souvenirs like the indigenous adire fabric at the Oluwo Market. Also visit the popular Epe fish market for some sightseeing.

Unveiling Uyo
Uyo, one of the budding cities in the south-south region of Nigeria, is the state capital of Akwa-Ibom. To enjoy your stay in Uyo, lodge at the prestigious Le Meridian Ibom Hotel and Resort which has an outdoor pool, a fitness centre, lawn tennis court, golf courses and a picture perfect scenery. There are other budget-friendly resorts like the Aqua Resort, which offers an equally great experience.

Visit the Presbyterian Church, Uyo, built by Mary Slessor, the missionary known for stopping the killing of twins. Pass through the National Museum of Colonial History, Uyo and look through antiques, carvings, and artefacts of Akwa Ibom history.

Enjoy your evening with friends and family at Discovery Park, and enjoy a melting pot of music, local food and good music. Ensure to have a taste of local delicacies like anyan ekpang, afang soup, abak soup and afere ikon. Also go shopping at Ibom Plaza, and visit Ibeno Beach, the longest sand beach in West Africa.

Savoring Obudu
One of Nigeria’s most patronised holiday destinations is the Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River State. It was formerly called the Obudu Cattle Ranch. To begin your vacation, check in and reunite with nature in this lush resort with incredible views.

The resort carries a water park, pools, a gym, tennis court, free wifi, souvenir shops, game rooms, and a cable car service. Treat yourself to scenic views of the resort by going on a cable car ride and taking lovely selfies while watching the numerous species of birds play in the fields. Work out in the gym, go sightseeing and engage in activities like the canopy walk and outdoor activities like golfing.

Visit tourist attractions around Obudu town like the Agbokim Waterfall, which is a 3-hour drive from the Obudu Mountain Resort. It offers a breathtaking view of seven streams which descends over seven walls. It is surrounded by lush greenery that provides a freshness that is therapeutic. During the rainy season, there is the opportunity to catch a picturesque glimpse of the rainbow over the waterfall; a wonderful photographic experience for all picture lovers.

Discovering Ibadan
Ibadan, also known as “Eba Odan,” meaning “City by the Savannah,” is the state capital of Oyo State. For a start, take a trip to Agodi Gardens, the most popular park in the city, and while at it, take a dip in the pool and picnic with your family. You could also choose to drive to the University of Ibadan Zoo, or the National Museum, Ibadan, to catch a glimpse of animals and learn of the history of the state.

The cocoa house, which is a 26 -floor story building, and at one point known to be Africa’s tallest building, is a must see. Try out indigenous meals like the amala, gbegiri and ewedu mixture in any of the thousand restaurants around town, and visit the Olubadan’s palace to pay your respect to one of the most important kings in the region.

Lastly, Ibadan offers a variety of hotels you can choose from depending on your budget, but the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture has hotels in its premises that come highly recommended. At the IITA, discover lush scenery and over 400 combined variety of birds and plants.

Jennifer Nagu is a Lagos based Freelance-writer, editor and Aviation professional, specializing in Aviation, wellness and travel related matters. She has published work with notable media platforms across Africa, like Ynaija of the Red media group, Guardian Nigeria Newspaper, New York based wellness publication Thrive global, founded by mogul Arianna Huffington and Ndalo media's Habari Magazine. She holds a degree in communications from Covenant univerity and an IATA diploma in Airline Quality diploma from Geneva.

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