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Independent Broadcasting Company, TVC Communications Announces the Launch of its Corporate Website

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As part of its ongoing investment to propel its television and radio stations to market leading positions, Nigeria’s leading independent broadcasting company, TVC Communications, owners of TVC, TVC News, Max FM Lagos & Abuja and Adaba FM, today announced the launch of its corporate website.

Designed to work effortlessly across all digital platforms, the new website features easy-to-navigate pages, streamlined menus and a responsive layout; providing a seamless user experience with all the information you need to know about TVC Communications, its services and other commercial activities.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of TVC Communications, Andrew Hanlon, the new corporate website is coming at a time when the company is evolving its service offerings and expanding its reach. It is one of the platforms that the company will be using to promote its businesses and provide a “window to the world” for the TVC Group.

“In the past year, TVC Communications has successfully scaled its TV and radio channel offerings through continued investment in content, infrastructure and human resources. Our TV and radio channels now broadcast to almost 7 million Nigerians every day”.

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