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Ufuoma Uvomata: Do These Things & Elevate Your Glow Up



Glow upThe ‘glow up’ is one of the many things in life that must be earned. A lot of people think you have to wait till you get some insane amount of money, and then suddenly your skin starts to reflect your account balance.

Just like we can’t buy fitness or health, our glow will only come as a result of our choices. So if you’ve been asking, “God when?” when you see people’s before and after pictures, the answer is, “Never,” if you do not:

Educate yourself
There are a lot of beauty issues that can be easily solved, as long as you know what to do. Whether it’s to brighten your knees, clear acne spots, or even out your skin tone; read up on the best ways to do it.

You’ll definitely find methods that are safe, effective, and that will easily fit into your normal routine and budget.

Eat healthy
What you eat affects more than how much you weigh. A healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, will supply you with nutrients that are essential for maintaining glowing skin. You can also get additional vitamins and minerals through supplements.

Stay hydrated
Healthy skin loves water. Hydration determines how easily dead skin cells will be shed off for fresh ones to replace them. Water also promotes the proper functioning of the internal organs and the elimination of toxins.

Have a proper skincare regimen
A skincare routine doesn’t have to mean a dresser full of expensive products. You mainly just need products that satisfy the WEMS process. That is, Wash, Exfoliate, Moisturize, and Sun protection. Every step of this is compulsory for maintaining healthy skin. With skincare, remember that consistency is everything.

Exercise regularly
The benefits of exercise range from reducing the risks of developing fatal illnesses, to maintaining a youthful appearance. You can think of your sweat glands as the fountain of youth, so every time you work up a good sweat, you’ve bathed in the magical beautifying waters.

Sleep well
Beauty sleep is not an excuse good looking people make to be lazy. Getting proper sleep helps your body regenerate from the daily wear and tear it goes through. Products work best when you’re asleep, so you should take advantage and use your bedtime as an 8-hour beauty therapy session. It also helps to manage stress. Invest in good sheets and sleepwear. Also, try to sleep early when you can.

Take care of your hair
Good hair is a whole mood, and it doesn’t come easily for most people. Like with skincare, find out the best way to care for your hair type. Find a routine that works for you and stick with it.

Do the things you love
Making time to do the things you enjoy will give you a natural happy glow. When you’re happy, you are more likely to stick to your beauty routine and take good care of yourself.

Making the decision to start doing any of these is a huge step towards achieving your perfect glow.

Ufuoma is a writer focused on sharing what she learns everyday. She is focused on sharing useful information that she believes and hopes would help a lot of people.

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