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Ensure Topmost Security & Safety for Your Kids & Loved Ones with the VerifyMe” Platform



Everyone seems to have a domestic staff story, whether it happened to them or to someone they know. Going by media accounts, the odds for employers are becoming increasingly scary with nannies abusing children in their care, drivers running away with the boss’s car or security men serving as informants to robbers. In some cases, the results have been fatal.

This does not mean that all domestic staffs are evil. In fact, if you run a middle-class household, chances are that you already lean heavily on this category of workers to have any semblance of a balanced life. So, the logical solution will be to have a fool-proof system that allows the right people into your home to ensure the security and safety of you and your loved ones.

That is why we are loving this new resource from VerifyMe Nigeria. In two words, it is a “Verification Platform”. VerifyMe calls it “MVP” for “Managed Verification Platform”. This resource is the first of it’s kind and integrates ID verification with other key information so you can have a more secure review of who you are hiring. One cool thing is that MVP has tailor-made bundles for domestic staff such as nannies and drivers.

Here are five reasons why you should check it out:

  • It is the best way to begin to establish trust: The MVP is changing the game in the identity verification space. First, the MVP gives real-time identity verification by matching the individual’s ID against national biometric databases such as NIMC, BVN to verify identity. Identities are then linked to additional verified demographic data such as a real address, valid guarantors and verified work history. VerifyMe carries out last-mile checks using agents for physical verification for addresses (including GPS mapping), guarantor and work history report.

Whereas the common practice is for employers to cross-check a potential employee’s details against claims provided by the candidates themselves, VerifyMe sources data from only verified employers directly. With the MVP, there are no falsified identities, fake addresses or criminal-gang guarantors. With the MVP, you have a fuller picture to make informed hiring decisions.

  • Easy to Use: The MVP is actually a self-Managed Verification Portal so you can do verifications yourself without 3rd party interventions. You don’t need to have a background in tech. It’s simple, fast & instant. In less than 5 minutes, you are done.
  • Digital Delivery: We all could do with a little less paper, right? do something for the environment. The MVP works on all digital devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs; Saves you the stress of carrying bulky files about.
  • OneIdentity Report: Have everything you want to know about your prospective hire or tenant in a single digital sheet called the OneIdentity Report. The OneIdentity Report gives you a 360 view of all your verification queries on an individual for faster decision making. For instance, a OneIdentity Report for a nanny bundle will include identity verification, address verification, guarantor verification, and work history report; all delivered to you in a single digital sheet. You do not need to shift through several stacks of paper or click through numerous dashboards to get the answers you need.
  • Data Security: Unlike your personal files that can be deleted or compromised, data on the MVP are secure. VerifyMe leverages device fingerprinting, GPS mapping, agent surveillance, agent verification, and audit as part of its system of processes for information integrity. All verifications are guaranteed by VerifyMe’s rigorous verification process to protect information.

For more information, visit the website or call (+234) 906-000-7624.


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