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Over 600 Nigerians flee South Africa following Xenophobic Attacks




Nigerians leaving South Africa. (Photo by Heidi Giokos)

Due to the xenophobic attacks on black Africans in South Africa, over 600 Nigerian nationals gathered outside the Nigerian consulate on Wednesday morning to take up the free transportation to leave South Africa.

Nigerians in the country queued for hours to take the three buses from the consulate to the airport, and the flight, which was supposed to take off at 9:10 AM, was delayed by almost 2 hours.

eNCA’s Heidi Giokos shared photos on her Twitter of the Nigerians, both at the consulate and at the airport. A woman with 3 young children told her that  she is leaving to ensure the safety of her children, as she was sleeping with an open eye.

A Nigerian man, who spoke to her at the OR Tambo International Airport, said he had no choice but to leave.

I decided to leave because I value my life, more than anything else … Here it is very hostile at the moment. It’s not safe for me.

Many of the Nigerians have, however, been unable to board the flight due to expired documents and overload of luggage per individual, although, the officials in charge tried to find a temporary solution to get the people on the plane.

Still, some of the returnees could not board the plane without proper documents for both parents and children, and some were sent back because they had no documents for their children.

Eventually, about 2/3 of the families were reported to have made their way back over a lack of proper documents.

“We understand that after an almost 6-hour delay. Passengers are boarding the plane. Still unclear as to whether or not the second plane will land tomorrow. More details will come from the Nigerian Consulate,” Heidi Giokos wrote

Check out her tweets:.

Photo Credit: Heidi Giokos

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