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DJ Kentalky sets The House Ablaze & The Housemates Pitch a Scanfrost on #BBNaija Day 62



Cursing The Powers That Be

Alcohol, tease game and complaints were some of what the Pepper Dem Housemates got up to after the Friday Night Arena Games.

After an exhilarating Friday Night Arena Games, the Pepper Dem Gang got ready for the night but not before they got some things off their chests. First up was Elozonam.

Elozonam had 30 seconds added to his time during the Friday Night Arena Games and he didn’t take kindly to it. After winning last week, he probably expected to have a winning streak, but not with that result. He took time after the game to complain to Seyi and Ike how he felt cheated. “I am not happy about it, I feel like I was treated unfairly,” he lamented. Although he made it seem like he wasn’t bothered about the Coins, his countenance changed when Seyi asked him to give him the ones he had.

Let’s take a look at Twitter and see what tweeps have to say on the matter.

Queen wants him to speak his truth and anyone who opposes it can go hug a power transformer.

Others think Elozonam flouted the rule.

Let’s Play ‘Tease The HoH’

Khafi’s request for another game apart from truth or dare ended up in a way she didn’t expect. Taking their cue from her request, the rest of the Housemates went on to tease her about her intimate relationship with Gedoni. Leading the pack was Esther who started with “Never ever have I made out with Gedoni under the duvet.” To which Khafi responded in the affirmative. On and on, Housemates took turns to playfully tease Khafi and she took it quite well. Watching Khafi take the jokes without shedding tears over her Evicted boo proves one thing – this is truly the rebirth of Khafi.

Blame It On The Alcohol

An obviously inebriated Venita lashed out at Biggie for the simple act of giving the Housemates hot water at 2 am after she had already had her bath. “Thunder fire you,” she yelled while taking a drink. The unladylike manner in which Venita made her grievances known to Biggie was quite surprising, but we will just blame it on the alcohol. It was a good thing Seyi was close by to keep her in check and warn of possible consequences for such utterances.

Some of you have started predicting she will get a Strike

Some have started pleading on her behalf.

Source: Twitter – @i_Mr_Faari @DulcetChic31 @Qween_Vivian @phreshponline @pearlyugo @estabankz @airlahkay @KunleAyo8

Party Vibes With DJ Kentalky And L.A.X

Who passes up an opportunity to partaaay? Yes, you guessed right, None.

It’s another weekend in the Big Brother Naija House and we know that weekends are for chilling and most importantly, partying. Tonight in the Pepper Dem House, we are going to be moving our bodies to the mixtapes of DJ Kentalky and will continue to do so with L.A.X at the Live Eviction Show on Sunday. If your dancing shoes are dusty, pick them, clean them up and put them on because we are going to have a blast.

Life Of The Party

DJ Kentalky also known as ‘Life of the Party’ is going to be marking attendance at the Saturday Night Party. When someone says he is the life of the party, ladies and gentlemen, you know what that means.

As one of the DJs who has taken the industry by storm, DJ Kentalky is known for his versatile style which he will bring to the party tonight. Gosh, we can’t wait to begin showing off our dance steps. Enough talk, let’s go get ready because it’s going to be fire on the dance floor tonight.

1567258017 35 dj ken

Give Us Love

Yes, after we party with DJ Kentalky on Saturday Night, L.A.X will be giving us some love on Sunday on the stage of the Live Eviction.

Damilola Afolabi, known as L.A.X has dropped some banging hits over the years which has secured his spot in the Nigerian music industry. Songs like ‘Caro’ (whom we are still looking for), ‘Ginger’, ‘Big Daddy’, ‘Runaway’ and some other hot singles are what L.A.X has used to endear himself in the hearts of many. The stage is going to feel his presence at the Eviction Show and we are sure a thrilling performance awaits us.

1567258492 35 67119979 406619710197717 8066422152295341299 n

If you don’t have any ‘owambe’ to attend, don’t worry Big Brother got you covered. All you have to do is stay glued to your screens to enjoy the fun lined up.

Pitch A Scanfrost

The Big Brother Naija Housemates had a special challenge today courtesy of Scanfrost.

The Pepper Dem Gang prepare to show us their presentation skills in the ‘sales pitch challenge’ for Scanfrost products. The top four winners of this challenge will be rewarded with Scanfrost products

Pick Your Appliance

Through a draw, the Housemates picked a Scanfrost product to develop a five minutes’ sales pitch which they will present later on. According to the brief read by the HoH, the Housemates must place emphasis on the functionality of the product and deliver an entertaining pitch. Let’s see how many customers the Housemates will convince to buy their Scanfrost products.

1567263993 34 scan3

The Criteria

The Housemates pitch will be judged based on three key criteria. Presentation skill, creativity and knowledge of the Scanfrost product.

Armed with their detailed literature of the products, the Housemates got to work to present an entertaining pitch. The challenge given to the Housemates gave them the room to have fun with their delivery style. They could choose to sing, rap, or present a poem in their sales pitch.

1567264030 34 scan2

Everything the Big Brother Naija Housemates need for the challenge has been given to them. We look forward to an exciting and powerful presentation from them.

The Scanfrost Conquest

Elozonam, Ike, Sir Dee, and Khafi emerged as winners in the Scanfrost Pitch Challenge.

The Pepper Dem Gang spent their day preparing to impress Biggie in the Scanfrost sales presentation as they worked their ways through winning Scanfrost products.

Showing the numerous strengths of the brand, the Housemates each picked a Scanfrost product and were timed to present a five minutes’ sales pitch. Laying emphasis on delivering an entertaining, engaging and fun pitch, Biggie did not fail to express how impressed he was with their performances.

1567283752 34 my post

The Show

The Scanfrost Challenge got the Pepper Dem Gang to put their acting caps on. From Venita’s funny impressions of the other Housemates to the power puff girls’ individual Nollywood demonstration, they sure kept us entertained.

In five minutes, each Housemate had to captivate Biggie with an engaging presentation, creative delivery styles and a well-articulated pitch message. Little wonder why Mike unleashed his cheerleading skills and Ike gave us some Eminem vibes with his rap-poem.

In addition to the innovative styles, Housemates like Frodd and Elozonam sold their chosen appliances using the usual boardroom style with a touch of creativity.

From Sir Dee’s ‘Icy’ wedding illustration to Elozonam’s advertising demonstration on Scanfrost televisions, the Pepper Dem Gang did a great job in not only wowing Big Brother but also kept Naija glued to their screens.

1567282060 34 mi

Shots Fired

Their sales pitch messages weren’t the only ways they kept us entertained in this Task. As expected, the Pepper Dem Gang found a way to infuse humour into the Task. Shots were fired right, left and centre and even the resident gangsta was not left behind.

“There are two things we don’t like hearing at night – noise and Seyi’s snore,” Omashola said as he kicked off the shots firing session. Next, Seyi returned the firing favour but not to Omashola. Although he claimed his words were just bits of advice to Ike, Seyi did not shy away from using Ike’s smoking habits as a point in his presentation.

1567282139 34 oma

Special Mentions

It’s almost a tradition to have Biggie give special recognitions to Housemates with outstanding performances during Task presentations and today wasn’t any different.

Today’s special mentions went to Seyi for his ability to take fired shots back to back from the Housemates without getting offended. Venita was recognized for her Eddie Murphy skills, Mike for his cheerleading abilities and of course, Ike for wearing Eminem’s cap tonight.

1567282243 34 l

The Scanfrost Champions

What’s a Big Brother Naija Task without a winner? However, courtesy of Scanfrost, four winners emerged tonight. Selected based on their presentation skills, creativity and knowledge of the Scanfrost products, Scanfrost rewarded some members of the Pepper Dem Gang.

First was Elozonam for coming fourth in the Challenge and he was rewarded with a forty-inch LED television. Third place was Ike and he earned a forty-two inch HD Smart TV. For coming second place, Sir Dee’s presentation skills got him a fifty inch full HD Smart TV. Winning first place with her cooking drama, was Khafi and for her efforts, she was rewarded with a fifty-five inch 4K Smart TV.

Everyone Is A Winner

With Scanfrost, everyone is a winner. Impressed with their individual presentations tonight, the Pepper Dem Gang each got microwaves as consolations prizes.

Thank you, Scanfrost!

1567282358 34 w

After seeing them work themselves up to deliver amazing presentations, we can’t wait to see the Pepper Dem Gang let out the steam and get their groove on tonight. Are your dancing shoes ready?

Source: Twitter – @PhanaSk34.

Which Party Rocker Are You?

So many Pepper Dem characters in one packed place and all you need is to stay sober and see the interesting party qualities they bring to the table.

Below, we have the results of our keen sober observation skills. Meet the different types of party-goers that featured on the Pepper Dem dancefloor tonight.

The DJ

Who else deserves a special shout out if not the true life of the party, DJ Kentalky? Every song was a jam, back to back and the internet can testify.

1567292049 34 dj

Nothing But Glam

Thanks to Hype and Steam, all members of the Pepper Dem Gang graced the dance floor looking radiant. While we acknowledge all the Housemates, some of them need a special mention. With Tacha giving us the Black Chyna vibes and Frodd with the sleek look, we couldn’t help but say a prayer for the fashion designers.

1567292125 34 dress

The Couple

We all know those annoying people who do nothing but kiss, hug and giggle as they spend the whole party in each other’s arms. They have their own world, laughing at the people dancing and taking videos of those who are drunk. With Frodd and Esther, Mercy and Ike, it was no brainer putting them on this list. Hmmm, Seyi and Tacha have been giving off some couple vibes every Saturday Night, so they need to be on this list. Right?

1567292446 34 couple

The One Who Just Wants To Have Fun

Drinks or no drinks, these type of party-goers are always ready to have a great time. Dancing to DJ Kentalky’s sick beats and enjoying the company of friends, were Khafi and Cindy on this table.

1567292639 34 life

The Magician

The disappearing act is Ike’s best move. Tonight, we only got to see him when he was pouring himself a drink and of course, when he was with Mercy. This type of party-goer arrives with a bunch of friends and eventually does a Houdini. Do you have a friend like this?

1567292531 34 ike

The Life Of The Party

We all have that friend that becomes a new person when they get any alcoholic beverage into their system. One drop and it’s like Rihanna’s less-talented backup dancer just took over their body. Asides Mercy, Venita and Elozonam who else should sit on this table?

1567294674 34 dd

Hype And Chill

Not everyone can rock a party and be a hype man at the same time like Mike. At this rate, we should sign a petition for Mike to become the official Saturday Night Party hype man.

1567292673 34 mike

Mr/ Miss Picture Perfect

At one point or the other, all the Housemates have played the role of cameramen (not Kayode o) during the parties. Either taking selfies or group pictures, we enjoy seeing the Pepper Dem Gang capture moments on the Oppo Mobile.

1567292926 34 phone

Which one are you?

We don’t know about you but we had our mind set on only one thing for this long weekend, partying with the Pepper Dem Gang! Do you think it’s over? Get ready for more party vibes with DJ Kentalky and L.A.X tomorrow.

Source: Twitter – @Ayokunnumi95.

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