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Here’s How N60,000 Changed My Life

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Payday was August 30th and from 12 am, I wasn’t able to take my eyes or ears off my phone. At the sound of every notification, I’d rush to my phone, expecting a credit alert only to realize it was an end-of-the-month Whatsapp BC. Finally, when I was brushing my teeth, I got the holy grail of notifications. With foamy mouth and nearly slipping on the bathroom floor, I rushed out, picked up my phone, and there it was – my salary.

I quickly set aside the usual 20k for transportation, 30k for feeding, 20k for bill payments (Electricity bill, water bill, and enjoyment bill because I cannot come and kill myself) and I was left with 60k. Each time I take out my expenses, I’m always left with 60k and truth be told, I never know what to do with it. 

With 60k, I can finally buy that gorgeous human hair I’ve had my eyes on, give myself a much needed weekend getaway, or even buy myself 5 buckets of chicken and ice cream. However, since I started earning money, I’ve started to see things differently. I like to think of everything I spend as an investment and honestly, nothing that came to my mind really sounded like an investment.

I mean, I could buy that wig and flex but will I gain financially from that purchase? I could treat myself but then I’d be losing money, and let’s face it, is it even healthy to consume that much chicken and ice cream? So I decided to surf the net for the best way to spend my 60k.

The internet tells me to invest. I already knew that but in what? Now, I’m usually skeptical of investments because there could be losses here and there and everyone keeps saying their company is the safest one to invest in. That’s exactly what an unsafe company would say.  So, I give up, and just as I’m about to log off, I see an ad for Crowdyvest. They use the word “sponsor” instead of “invest.” That gets my attention and I click.

I find out that with Crowdyvest, not only do I sponsor units and earn returns like I want to, my own money is also insured so no story. I also get to impact the lives of people such as farmers, bus drivers and also become a key player in the achievement of the SDGs. Now, I didn’t wake up this morning thinking that I wanted to invest in solving world problems but as soon as I logged on to that website, I immediately wanted to make the world a better place. I clicked on the available sponsorship and realized units were going for as low as 60k.

At first, I was a bit skeptical. One year seems like a long time to get my money back but here’s the thing. Whether or not, I make that sponsorship, a year is still going to pass. It’s up to me to decide if I want to make an effort to secure my financial future or not. 

In summary, with my options, 60k could get me a nice hair, a relaxing weekend, or possibly excess sugar and fats but with Crowdyvest, here’s what 60k can do for me:

  • Get me 22% returns – Extra 13k just like that!
  • Impact the lives of bus drivers by:
    • Covering vehicle purchase
  • Covering fuelling for 12 months
  • Covering remuneration for Drivers and Vehicle Assistant.
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle registration fees.
  • Vehicle maintenance costs.

Since my 60k can only buy one unit, let me start with that abeg. At least I know my money will have increased.
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