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Hermosa Boda’s CEO Ighiwiyisi shares How Businesses need More Than Money to Grow on This Week’s Drive Your Ambition



Ighiwiyisi had no plan to run Hermosa Boda; a custom production design and visual merchandising service she has now, but when her sister wanted a stage show of lion king as her wedding production and finding a company was hard, Ighiwiyisi saw an opening and while she didn’t build the stage for her sister’s wedding, she did script the production and so began the journey of Hermosa Boda. Hermosa Boda is not your everyday business and one must wonder; how is such a niche business built in Nigeria?  Her response? ‘GRIT’ As Ighiwiyisi takes a car ride in the Eclipse Cross Mitsubishi with Mr. Fab, she shares her experiences and how money isn’t most times what a business needs to grow!

Episode 10:


Massilia Motors

Massilia Motors is a joint venture of CFAO and Chanrai groups and is the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Motors in Nigeria, focused on delivering a range of luxury and exquisite

cars to the Nigerian market, such as ASX, Eclipse Cross, Outlander, Pajero, Pajero Sport, and the L200 pick-up. To keep up with Massilia motors, Visit 

Under 40 CEOs

Under 40 CEO’s launched on TV in 2015 and is focused on spotlighting the stories of African entrepreneurs, with the aim of showing the great things getting built in Africa and to inspire the next generation of builders. Under 40 CEO’s has featured leaders aged 40 and under from Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa, across sectors.

The show has over 100 episodes, and serial entrepreneur, Familusi Akin Babajide, Mr. FAB has continually driven the efforts and today, Under 40 CEOs currently reaches an odd 875,000 viewers every week with a social media following of over 170,000 and growing with a cumulative social media content reach of over 9 million.

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